July 15, 2013

Weekend Basics

We started out the weekend with a little trip up 95 to see Sheryl Crow play in Fredericksburg. Mary's been a long time fan and we both had a lot of fun, realizing it's been one of the first bigger outings we've had in a long time.

It was a late night driving back Friday, but that didn't stop us from rising early to make a mega trip of antiquing and picking local sales, flea markets and antique shops between Richmond and Ashland:

We love the thrill of the hunt and while we saw a lot of bigger pieces along the way, we ended up bringing home mostly small finds to keep and list in the vintage shops (here & here):

The heaviest of all our finds was this tub faucet:

It came from a sale in the same Fan neighborhood we live in and I just couldn't leave without it. I'd love to find an interesting way to repurpose it into something new. We also picked up a few smaller antique souvenirs that Mary's excited to start working into some new jewelry.

Yesterday it was brew day at my buddy Clay's house:

Mary and I always look forward to brew day since we get to hang out with Clay and his wife, Corinna. Oh, and their 3 other members of the family:

We brought Basil along with us who loved running around with their dogs. We were so surprised when he actually stepped into the doggy pool at one point, since he's adamantly avoided them in the past:

After brewing, Clay and Corinna sent us home with some leftover spent grains, which we were beyond excited to try working into a few recipes:

They also sent us home with a handful of deer antlers. They had a box full of them in storage and were fine to let a few go for Basil — this was like hitting a goldmine for us, as many of you know just how much Basil loves chewing on antlers, how long they last and how expensive they can be if you don't come by them on your own:

On the food front, we made a new summer dish with eggplants and tomatoes from Origins Farm we can't wait to share with you later this week: 

And to finish things off, we mentioned it's been hot here. So hot we've been filling up metal mixing bowls with iced water for Basil to enjoy when he wants to go outside:

He'll take a few licks, then start biting at the ice, like bobbing for apples, until he gets a piece in his mouth to chew on. This keeps him cool and occupied for quite sometime while we tackle the garden and other little projects we have going on.

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