June 18, 2013

Beach Eats: Pimento Cheese Wars

Saying that Tim and I are big fans of pimento cheese might be a bit of an understatement. Tim makes a tried and true version we love and you might recall my favorite dish from last year's Broad Appetit being the fried pimento cheese fritters. Related — we were bummed to miss this year's Broad Appetit, but were booking it to the beach for our honeymoon instead.

While honeymooning, we picked up a tub of pimento cheese spread during our first big trip to the market and all I can say is, our snack creations seemed to get crazier and crazier, each outdoing the last. Things started out rather tame with a healthy dollap of pimento cheese on a wide, thin cracker...

Nothing wrong with that, delicious!

Then, things clearly went up a notch when we discovered a jar of pickled jalapeño peppers in the fridge:

Kicked up, yes!

If that weren't enough, on day 3 of the honeymoon after Tim made bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, this happened:

Yes folks, that's a jalapeño, bacon and pimento cheese topped cracker there.

We are ridiculous...and perfect for each-other.

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P.S. — Anyone spot Basil's nose in that second pic trying to get a taste of his own?


  1. Oh interesting I just popped over and read your recipe and I'd never heard of making it with cream cheese before. I posted my recipe just last week and it's got mayo and chili powder in it, as well as the cheese and pimiento.

    Either way, I do love good pimento cheese spread!

    1. Kara, chili powder sounds awesome. We're both ones that love a little kick, we just might have to try your version soon! Thanks for sharing!


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