May 10, 2013

Weekend Basics: Macon, Georgia Edition

If you follow along with us on Facebook, you might know we made a quick trip down to Macon, Georgia to celebrate my cousin, Kyle's, wedding last weekend...

We flew into Atlanta on Friday and drove the rest of the way into Macon. I swore I'd never be one of those people who takes photos of their hotel room, but this was the first time Tim or I had ever stayed in a room with hardwood floors and a fancy sink:

It was a Holiday Inn if anyone is wondering. So as you can see, I've now joined the club of folks who take and post photos of their hotel room. Weird or totally acceptable? I'll let you be the judge of that, ha.

We were surprised at how rainy and cold it was down South over the weekend — we would have thought it'd be much warmer the first May weekend in Georgia. Despite the rain, we had a great time exploring Macon and getting a chance to see Kyle and Courtney become husband and wife. It was also such a treat to get to go be a guest at someone else's wedding, instead of getting caught up in our own wedding plans!

Not to mention, just being a city filled with street names like Cotton Avenue and Cherry Street Lane:

Friday night we ate out with my sister and her husband at a restaurant called the Downtown Grill in one of the cutest brick buildings we've seen:

It wasn't until Saturday, though, that we really dug into more of the Macon, Georgia food scene. On the recommendation of our friend Melonie over on Facebook, we set out to find H&H Restaurant — the renowned soul food sweet spot Oprah visited during her trip to Macon:

We ordered two of the breakfast specials and let me tell you — I've never had cheese grits like these and bacon that snaps when you bite into it like it did here. This was the perfect warm brunch to start off a rainy day of exploring:

Next, we hit up Nu-Way Weiners — another famous stop from Oprah's trip to Macon:

Tim went with two chili slaw dogs and I went with a single slaw dog and a mini malt:

We also kept a lookout for an authentic peach milkshake while in town, but never came across one. Unless we make it back down to Georgia this summer (any recommendations for where to find a good one welcome), we'll have to settle for a batch of our own homemade peach ice cream instead.

After our food stint, we headed back to the hotel to slip into a food coma before getting ready for the wedding that evening. It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception, despite the rain and kind of a surreal feeling getting to see my cousin getting married — he's always been my sister my younger cousin, Kyle and maybe the closest thing I've had to knowing what having a younger sibling is like, so it was a proud moment all around.

Here's a sneak peek at a couple photos from the wedding we found in a post over on their photographer's blog:

 Image by Jenny Evelyn

Image by Jenny Evelyn

Love these two!

Sunday morning we hopped in the rental car and headed back to the Atlanta airport, making it safely back to RVA late afternoon. Basil was waiting and wagging to greet us when we picked him up and we had fun telling him about all of our Georgia adventures.

We hope everyone enjoys the weekend ahead and here's a big shout out to all the moms out there celebrating Mother's Day!

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  1. Oh how fun it was to read this post, a trip down memory lane. I was born in Savannah, an original Georgia girl.

    Y'all look like you had a wonderful time.



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