April 30, 2013

Richmond Magazine: Tim's 5 Favorites for Mussels

Guess what!? Today we're excited to share a guest contributing piece Tim wrote for this month's issue of Richmond Magazine. The feature has been in the works for a few months now, so we've been excited to spill the beans now that the issue is out. This month, Richmond Magazine is all about worldwide cuisine — right up Tim's alley — and he was asked to write for the monthly 5 favorites series...

The series generally takes one ingredient, dish or drink and chronicles some of the best local spots to find them. Tim went with mussels and let me tell you, boy did we have fun going around town and sampling all the different varieties and styles of mussel dishes there are to be had here in RVA!

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When it came down to it, Kuba Kuba, Can Can Brasserie, Mama Zu, Azzurro and Mekong made Tim's final 5 cut for the piece. The issue is on newsstands now if you haven't snagged your copy yet!

So proud of my guy — can't believe I get to marry such a good one with so many talents.

What's your favorite way to eat mussels?


  1. How exciting! Nice job, Tim!

    I'm not a seafood eater so I don't do mussels. I blame it on my first job as a waitress in a low-scale seafood restaurant. The smell was just atrocious.

  2. Super and really nice Job !
    Congratulations !

  3. Growing up in England we used to go to France a lot and as a family would all order Moules Frites where you practically get a saucepan of mussels to yourself. We perfected the art of using an empty shell like a pincer to pull the mussels out of the shells and into your mouth. There was always an unspoken race on who could empty their saucepan fastest and a lot of whispering about other tables struggling to get them out with forks! Amateurs. <3 mussels.


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