March 25, 2013

Weekend Basics

This weekend was all about the snowy weather! Forecasts called for one last wintry mix and boy did we get one. Here's Basil keeping an eye on things as the sleet began to turn to snow:

2 hours later, we had another winter wonderland underway:

We let Basil go out and explore — he loves the snow:

We always joke that from far away Basil could be mistaken for a small deer. Whenever the snowflakes fall on his back, he looks even more like a little fawn. Every time he comes back inside from playing in the snow, he runs back and forth around the house like a jack rabbit before shaking off the melting flakes. It's always funny to watch:

Since we had such a chilly forecast, I brought all the new container plantings we started a couple weekends ago into the garage in hopes of protecting them from the elements:

Hopefully this is the last chilly weekend they'll see.

Speaking of plants, while we were picking up a few ingredients for the weekend recipes I was planning to tackle, we picked up a teeny tiny bit of turmeric root:

One of our readers suggested in comments section of our Gardening Page that we try our hands at growing it since it's very similar to growing horseradish root and ginger root (both of which we're trying out now), so we've got plans to get this little guy in a planter of his own after a little research.

On the food front, it was busy, hunker-down type of weekend — which means lots of cooking in my world.  This weekend, both of my main dishes for blogging included one key ingredient — ricotta cheese:

Look out for my takes on a ricotta & herb frittata and a baked ricotta with spring peas coming in my guest posts for Lot 18 blog this week.

This turkey sandwich also happened yesterday afternoon just after the snow started to fall:

More on how to make it here.

On the project front, we finished up a few things we've been meaning to get to — here's Mary trying to get a good shot of our latest Before & After update while Basil supervises the shoot:

Mary also finally finished up the diy wedding project she's been steadily working at over the last 3 weekends and once we get the photos edited and loaded here on the blog, we can't wait to share it with all of you. In the meantime, here are some pretty spring flowers as a sneak peek in this not-so-springy weather we seem to be having:

Are you experiencing this chillier than normal start to spring too?


  1. Yes, just when I start to think we're finally going to have warmer weather it snows again!

    Basil is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to read how your turmeric root turns out.

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