March 11, 2013

Weekend Basics

We weren't allowed to snap photos of the event, so we snagged this shot of our tickets instead.

Saturday night we had tickets for the Richmond Forum to see Captain Mark Kelly with Gabrielle Giffords speak. We knew going into it theirs would be an emotional story, but were not prepared for how powerful a message this inspiring couple came to deliver.

Listening to the messages from Mark and Gabby inspired both of us to want to work harder for the things we believe in and above all else — be thankful for the the people we have in our lives and all the little things we take for granted since it could literally change in an instant.

We also got a chance to see Brandon (Tim's son) give a speech of his own this weekend:

Brandon's been working on a senior project for Governor's School for 6 months — tracking the migratory patterns of blue crabs in the Rappahannock River. At the close of the project, he was invited to VCU to deliver a presentation on the project, which he did with flying colors.

More exciting news from the weekend involved the true beginnings of our spring plantings! We've been waiting for the weather to break here in RVA and we were finally able to get outside and take on the plantings we've been itching to get to.

We'll be back tomorrow with the full spring garden rundown.

On the subject of plantings, we filled up the good old tree gator out front again. We're not sure we'll be perfectly consistent filling it up each week for the next 2 years, but we're off to a good start:

After getting outside and planting the beginnings of our spring garden, we came back in and I made a big mess back in the dining room for the sake of more wedding crafting:

Who doesn't love a good mason jar wedding project? Hopefully if we can pull this little project off, we'll be sharing the details here on the blog soon!

Speaking of projects, while pulling into the garage over the weekend we spotted this black trunk on the alley curb — headed for the landfill:

So what did we do? In true to us fashion, we decided to haul it over to our garage, clean it up and have big plans for this guy. You know we'll keep you posted on that front.

In the early evening yesterday (which is light outside now thanks to Daylight Savings Time) we tested out a new batch of dog treats for Basil. He patiently waited by the oven, keeping a close eye on them while they baked:

We'll detail the full recipe later this week!

In other news, here's your reminder from Tim that it's time to change out your air filters:

This is his best "look how gross the before and after here is — change the filters, people!" It's amazing how much dust collects in the house and we never even realize it!

P.S. Stephanie was in town this weekend too and we got completely caught up on the current season of Duck Dynasty. Are you watching? Did you see the episode we Cy's poodle yet? We died in laughter and wondered how Basil might fair as Cy's bird dog if given the chance.


  1. Seriously! Trust you guys to find something amazing on the curb :)

    1. Too funny, right? We were kind of surprised at it ourselves too! Never know what you might come across!

  2. So happy to see these signs of spring! I'm ready for some warm weather and fresh veggies from the farmers' market! :)

  3. Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords are amazing people and their coping and survival through their tragedy has only galvanized in my mind what wonderful people they are, individually and as a couple.

    Also, whenever I change my air filter and see the coating of almost greasy dirt I feel an asthma attack coming on, even though I don't have asthma.


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