March 4, 2013

Weekend Basics

Those that follow us on Facebook probably know we spent the entirety of Saturday (from early morning until evening) cooking one of our favorite traditional Hungarian dishes — Stuffed Cabbage...

My parents have my paternal grandmother's recipe and we look forward to making it a few months after Christmas each year. They came over early Saturday, equipped with the meat grinding attachment for our kitchenaid stand mixer, to get the process started:

The dish is always made after Christmas, since we reserve and freeze the ham drippings to use in the base of the stuffed cabbage. Here I am with mom stuffing and rolling the cabbage leaves:

We were really excited to finally photo-document the whole process. Look for the full recipe and play by play coming to E.A.T. later this week.

After a full day of heavy cooking on Saturday, we were ready for something simple, quick and healthy to eat Sunday, so I whipped together a batch of homemade olive hummus (use this recipe and add a handful of olives to make it too) and used it as a base for do it yourself open faced sandwiches:

Other ingredients included arugula, blue cheese, tuna, capers, and fresh ground pepper. Find the full post and recipe published here on E.A.T. this morning.

In other news, I pulled out the water hose to feed the new little tree we have out front and Mary finally got a chance to work with some of the jewelry findings we got from CJS Warehouse a while back (more on these to come):

We always enjoy our littler visitors — Basil got a chance to play trains, something that only happens when his little cousins come to play:

And on our weekend walk, Basil stopped to study this poster for a missing dachshund — he let us know he hadn't seen or heard anything, but would keep an eye out:

We hope you are keeping warm wherever you might be!

P.S. They're calling for a pretty big snow storm headed this way, expected to hit on Wednesday. Both of us are SO ready for this winter weather to be over and get on with spring. Is the snow storm headed your way this week too?

P.P.S. There's still time to enter our giveaway from for a free pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses. Details here.


  1. Love the picture of Basil looking at the missing dog poster! He looks so concerned!


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