February 25, 2013

Weekend Basics

We spent a good chunk of Saturday figuring out the wording, styles, name configurations and mailing addresses for our wedding invitations. Who knew there were so many different options!? Whew, we were both glad to have this part of the planning tasks wrapped up and will be excited to see how the final invitations turn out. We're going with a variation on this design from Teal Typewriter Studios on Etsy and should be able to see the finals in just about a month.

Sunday we did get teased with some warm spring weather, so we took full advantage by heading outside to take care of a little yard work and potting projects we've been meaning to get to — more details on these coming this week.

While it was nice out, we headed up to Church Hill to take Basil to the dog park and while up on the hill, we stopped by Ardent Craft Ales:

Ardent is a craft brewery, still in the planning phases, currently operating out of this amazing small space in Church Hill that used to be a garage. We got a chance to sample a few of the ales they were working on:

It was very cool to say the least, and we're excited to see more from Ardent here in RVA.

The Ardent space is located directly behind the newly opened Sub Rosa Bakery, specializing in wood fired baked goods. They hand mill all of their own flour in the second part of the space that Ardent Craft Ales is using — we slipped in and left with some of the best pain au chocolat and salumi/cheese croissants we've ever had:

We both agreed it's a good thing we don't live up on the hill and have to make the drive to get goodies like these.

We also had time to fire up a big pot of chili and watch the Oscars last night. We were both so excited to see Searching For Sugar Man take the award for Best Documentary Feature since we'd just finished watching it and loved it so much. I'll admit, we haven't been out to see many more of the other films up for awards (we actually haven't been out to see a movie together in a theatre since we got Basil, ha), but had a long list to add to our Netflix queue after last night. Which ones have you seen that you'd recommend?

Speaking of documentaries we've recently watched and liked, we had a little bit of a marathon movie night on Friday and would recommend adding the following to your list to watch:

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
2. Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry

Have you seen one or both already? We particularly enjoyed Jiro Dreams of Sushi — it's one of those films that forces you to engage since the majority of it is in subtitles; nevertheless, it was a pretty amazing story.


  1. As a Church Hill gal I have to say it is EXTREMELY challenging not to go round the corner to Sub Rosa every few days for a treat! I actually went by the same day as y'all did (I can tell, based on the lady at the counter's gorgeous dress--I told her how lovely it was! I think you may have missed out on one of the best things they have there--it's a 12 inch long, thin braid of pastry that is just heavenly!

    Glad to see you enjoyed your day on the Hill!

  2. Oh I agree about Jiro Dreams of Sushi - it's a wonderful documentary. I weeped sad tears of beauty [because of the artistry of the sushi] and hunger [because I wanted to eat all of the sushi]. It broke my heart about his sons... what a unique thing, being such a highly sought-after sushi master like that.
    I really want to watch more food documentaries, got any reccomendations?
    [I'm going to look for this Searching for Sugar Man, is it on Netflix?]


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