January 23, 2013

Print Instagrams on Wood & Acrylic with InstaThis

We've got some new art in the house we love and in true-to-us fashion, it involves photos we've snapped on our phones and our favorite Weimaraner!

When the magic workers behind InstaThis contacted us about transforming one of our Instagram images into a wooden work of art, we jumped at the chance and knew exactly the shot we'd want to use. I'd just snapped this new favorite shot of Basil overlooking the James River at a grouping of ducks swimming by and thought it was just too good to only live in digital form.

InstaThis is a brand new company (just launched in the last month) that connects with your Instagram account, allowing you to create prints of your snaps on acrylic or wood. They're all printed and finished right here in the USA from a small team based in Chicago.

We went with just the one recent shot of Basil in the river, but InstaThis offers discounts on multiple orders. Speaking of discounts, we've got one for you at the bottom of this post if you want to try out InstaThis on your own pics!

Our wood print arrived in one of the coolest compact packages we've ever seen:

We loved the thin cardboard box with geometric printed patterns and the InstaThis logo. Please don't mind all the water spots — the package arrived just after our first snow in Richmond and it seems the box was just as excited to get out and play in it as Basil was.

The box opens up easily to reveal the beautifully wrapped print (which already included installation hardware) and all the instructions and extra InstaThis info you need to know printed directly on the inside of the box:

Gotta love a company that makes use of materials otherwise headed for the trash bin. 

Here's our wood print straight from the packaging:

InstaThis printed our photo of Basil directly onto a 5/8" piece of Baltic Birtch wood — we love how you can still see the natural wood grains and patterns coming through the printed image. The wood block has a bit of heft to it too, really making it feel like a piece of finished art.

Here's Basil getting a good look at the print:

He's probably thinking "shoot, now that day I saw all those ducks that got away is sealed in time forever...I will get those ducks one day."

It was also so nice that the wood print came ready to hang straight from the box. Since we were headed out of town, we found a temporary home for our new wood print in our front hallway:

It's leaning up against the mirror and by nothing other than chance, actually plays off the blue walls in the adjacent front parlor really well (see them reflecting through the mirror below):

Did you notice we found a new temporary home for our vintage wood stamps?

Now that the holidays have come to a close, we packed up the more holiday themed letters with the rest of the decorations and repositioned our family name letters in the front hallway here with the new print to create what we think is a welcoming little vignette:

So as you can gather, we're pretty excited about our newest piece of art. We'll keep you posted if it finds a new home in the house, but like the way it's hanging out greeting everyone as they come in for now.

A wooden photo print like one of these would make a great gift idea for Valentine's Day — and InstaThis is offering a special limited time 15% off discount especially for you guys on anything you'd like to order through this Valentine's Day, 2/14/2013. Just use the code "17APART" to redeem. Head on over to InstaThis to get started.

If you'd like to keep up with what's new at InstaThis, check out and follow their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds.

This post was sponsored by InstaThis, who provided us with our wooden print and whose concept and mission we love. All thoughts and opinions were our own and we'd like to thanks InstaThis for providing a special discount code for all 17Apart readers.


  1. What a cool company. People will think of everything! Your new artwork definitely sparked some creatives ideas for my own home. Thanks!

    1. So glad to hear it Laura — we too are so impressed with all the new things you can do with Instagram photos!

  2. Great idea InstaThis, I loved this so much I tried to make one for myself. When I put in the coupon code it say that it doesn't exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Vivian! So glad you tried it out and SO sorry the coupon code didn't work. We will check with the InstaThis team on the code and in the meantime, please feel free to try using the code "INSTALOVE15" for a 15% off discount. Please keep us posted should it not work!

      Thanks again!

    2. Vivian,

      Thanks again for the catch! Turns out we published the wrong code — the code "17APART" should give you the 15% discount at checkout. Feel free to also use the "INSTALOVE15" code we published above — either one should work fine. Keep us posted with any other issues and thanks again!


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