January 4, 2013

Basil Gets Pranked

We thought we'd round out the first week of the new year with a little humor — of the Basil variety.

You see, Santa left a whoopee cushion as a gag gift in Brandon's Christmas stocking this year. Immediately after opening and blowing it up, we all thought it would be a funny idea to see if he could get Basil to sit on it (yes, we are all terrible for making him do this on Christmas night of all times).

A couple notes:

1. After the fact we realized it may have been a better success if we'd began with a treat and had one person slip the whoopee cushion directly under where Basil was about to sit while the other person commanded him to sit with the treat.
2. Yes, we all still have the minds of middle schoolers and thought this was hilarious.
3. This is what Mary sounds like when she is laughing uncontrollably.

We figured Basil had undergone enough confusion and excitement in the first test round, so we didn't go for it again right away — there's always the next time Brandon comes to stay with us...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! That was hilarious! :D

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for a great laugh!!!! I am off to try it with our pooch...

    1. Happy New Year Nathalie! We realized Basil's behind doesn't actually rest on the floor since his tail gives him a little height — hahaha!

  3. I would have done the same thing, if I'd thought of it! Can't wait to see if it works. :) Love basil!!


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