December 21, 2012

My Best Man

This past weekend my parents came over and spent the weekend with Mary, the kids and I. We had been planning for them to come and stay in order to teach me how to cook the traditional country ham we have at Christmas dinner each year. This is the first year Mary and I will be hosting Christmas dinner — it's always and forever been at my parents' house, so it's kind of a big deal for all of us.

This time last year, Mary and I were scheming up a plan to get all of our family members together in order to announce our engagement. Well, this weekend, I'd been scheming up a plan to officially ask my dad to be my best man in our wedding this June. I didn't ask him the first go round and thought with the family here, it would be a good time to do it. And yes, I asked Mary to try to somehow stealthily document the whole thing on camera.

At one point during Saturday evening when dad and I were out by the grill cooking up some hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, I had the rest of the family come outside and I started in on a little speech. Right before I got into the meat of it, we did a couple shots of Palinka, a type of Hungarian moonshine we all love to laugh about. Mary started snapping photos of us trying the Palinka as a way to get the camera going...


Why is it always so funny to see your parents do things like this?

Mind you, I hadn't prepared a speech and kind of winged it so it went a little something like this:

"Well I do have somewhat of an announcement to make while we are all here together. Last year this time, Mary and I were announcing our engagement....Oh! And no, Mary's not pregnant!" (I all of a sudden realized everyone might think we were announcing a pregnancy). Then I got to the point and said something like "I didn't ask you the first go round, and I wanted to tell you I want you to be my best man in the wedding."

It was great — he said "Thank you" with the type of smile on his face like I was hoping for.

Then I officially asked Brandon to be one of my groomsmen. Brandon and I had already discussed it beforehand and I plan to ask my brother, Mike, to be the 3rd groomsman over Christmas dinner at our house.

For anyone wondering, Mary has already asked her sister to be her matron of honor and her best friend, Emily, and Stephanie (my daughter) to be her bridesmaids.

After the announcement, we toasted another swig of Palinka and then mom started talking about her and dad's wedding day — it was a pretty special memory and we're glad to have gotten it on film.

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  1. Love this! My mom was my maid of honor for my wedding. She didn't want to walk down the aisle alone, so my Pop-pop (her father) walked her down. It was so special; she's still my best friend.

  2. Awwwww... How wonderful! Your parents look great Tim! I'm sure it will be an incredible day. FYI, it will be one I'll be able to remember cause it just also happens to be this Gemini friend of yours B-day. ;-) May you all have blessed Christmas! Give your whole family my love!!!

    1. Thanks Robin and Happy Birthday in case I forget (I will be a little tied up that day)!

  3. What a lovely post! Family....they are the best!

  4. What a wonderful moment! I'm enjoying watching your wedding preparations and am so excited for the big day!

    1. Aww thanks Monica we like the fact you are following along! Happy New Year to you and your family!


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