October 22, 2012

Weekend Basics

The weekend for us was a bit of a whirlwind — though both in the end getting back to RVA on different travel schedules.

I got back in late Sunday from Chicago where I'd been participating in the 2012 Kenmore Blogger Summit:

I'm looking forward to sharing more from my time at the summit both here and on E.A.T. soon.

Other than that, we've been trying to unwind and get prepared for the workweek ahead. We had a chance to reunite with this big guy and take him on a big walk through the neighborhood in this amazing fall weather:

 Can you spot the cat in this photo?

And just generally generally take in all the autumn colors and smells.

We'll be back shortly with another post all about our favorite furry puppy!


  1. I saw the Chicago dogs on FB and they looked amazing! So, what collar is up next for Basil? Turkeys, squirrels with nuts? That's kind of autumn-ish :) Or are the pumpkins a one time collar deal?

    1. Good question Angie!! We will probably put the other collar back on him while on the lookout for a holiday themed one!


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