October 1, 2012

Weekend Basics

So we went to Lowe's yesterday and saw Christmas trees up (not decorated but in the process of being up), can anyone else believe it's already October? Yeah, us either. We packed in the last weekend of September with lots of little and big projects, and even had time to get all dressed up for a change...

1. Saturday we got all gussied up for the 50th birthday party for one of my best friends. The invite requested all guests wear their finest 1960's party attire — so Mary and I took the opportunity to put a Mad Men spin on our outfits. We had a blast to say the least and will share more pics from this fun night in a post this week.

2. It wouldn't be a 17 Apart weekend if I weren't messing around in the kitchen for a good part of it.

Look out for my take on broccoli cheddar soup, stuffed peppers (from our front pepper planters) and even daikon radish chips coming up on E.A.T. this week.

3. We've been working on a DIY project we're both pretty excited about sharing the details of — it involved whipping out the power tools and a little creativity. 

If we're lucky, we'll be putting the finishing touches on it throughout the evenings of the week ahead and have something to show for it as soon as the end of this week or early next week here on the blog!

4. In other (not so surprising) news, we fell prey to the marketing of a new "indestructible" looking dog toy:

This one was made completely of rubber, like his Kong, so we thought there was no way he'd rip it apart. Much to our disappointment (and defeated laughter), he broke into the rubber and started chewing little pieces off within 10 minutes flat:

Another toy down the drain for us — will we ever learn!?

All in all, it was another great weekend where we got a lot accomplished and had a ton of fun doing it. What have you all been up to?


  1. Our dog is also a chewer and often fall prey to "indestructible" toys. Yesterday I purchased our first antler (Elk to be specific) and Bromley loves it! The girl at the store said she bought one for her dog who's a chewer and her antler is still going strong after a year and a half. Worth a shot

  2. You guys look fab in your outfits for the party!

  3. Haha ohhh the indestructable dog toys. :) For little 5 pounders maybe. :) The 50th party looks like a lot of fun. I'm always a fan of themed parties! Do you guys both cook together? :) I'm always curious. Sometimes my husband and I do and it's a great time. :)



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