September 10, 2012

Weekend Basics

Not sure if you all know this or not, but I'm a Nascar fan from way back. While I don't plan my weekends (like football) around watching races or even get out to the track, I love watching a good race. Needless to say, when I had the opportunity to go to this weekend's race with my company who was sponsoring a few of the drivers, I was thrilled.

The in and out rain made for a long couple of race days. I was this close:

Outside of spending time at the race, we were able to use up some of the last of our eggplant in this quinoa recipe I put together:

We're still on this roasted eggplant with spices kick and are just trying to use as much as we can before these purple beauties go back out of season.

We continued with some fall planting (the weather finally broke here in RVA) and I was able to clean out our trough planters, mix in some new soil and seed some new batches of spinach, arugula and mesclun greens. Here's hoping they brave well!

Mary continued to update the jewelry shop with a few new limited pieces:

As for this guy — he took to sunbathing:

Oh, and he saw two more Fan cats:

They both unenthusiastically greeted him by staring him down from their porches in passing. Oh the life of a dog...

This was one of our last weekends we'll get to stay closer to home as fall picks up. We've got a busy few weekends ahead of us in a row which will include touring colleges with my son and a weekend wedding for one of Mary's closest friends. Before we know it, October will be here!

P.S. Another can of paint may have been cracked open this weekend...


  1. Fun weekend! I've never been to a race. Having grown up in NC I really ought to have gone to at least one.

    Touring colleges with your son....I tear up when I think about doing that with my kids!

    More paint?! Can't wait to see what got redone this time :)

    1. Thanks Monica! We are halfway through this weekend's touring — 2 colleges yesterday and one more this morning. It's been a fun and enlightening experience!

  2. Thanks for reminding me to plant some arugula and spinach! I'd forgotten! :)

    1. Yes! Our is already starting to sprout up — it's the perfect timing!


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