August 27, 2012

Weekend Basics

This weekend seemed to whirl right by before we could come up for air, but I guess that's just what happens when you've got a lot going on!

I actually spent the week working in the Brooklyn Etsy offices last week so was excited to get back home to spend the weekend with Tim...

Early Saturday I was able to help out with a family estate sale, where I unknowingly ran into Mr. Bazilly, one of our regular readers — we hope to see you again around town Mr. Bazilly! It was a rainy Saturday and a busy sale. Can I just say that the term "early birds" when it comes to estate sales are no joke — evidently the sale had been listed as 9:30am and my aunt said people started knocking on the door at 6am. wow.

Later Saturday, I dropped by Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe for a little afternoon treat — am thinking this might be a fun place to do a tasting for our wedding cake. Any other local Richmond bakery ideas also welcome in the comments if you have any!

Speaking of food, Tim sliced up some of these baby eggplants and made an incredible little appetizer to take over to my sister's house on Sunday:

Look for the recipe on E.A.T. this week. You can also find the recipe for these canned peppers Tim preserved over the weekend:

Tim and I headed over to my sister's house to help celebrate the 2nd and 1st birthdays of her two youngest children Benjamin and Sophia:

Silliness definitely ensued:

Basil spotted another fan cat on Sunday's morning walk through the neighborhood — they gave each-other the death stare for a good 30 seconds before we moved on. His fascination with cats never gets old. Funnily enough during this same walk, we crossed paths with another blog reader on her morning run — so hello to you that was running in the purple shirt. Thanks for saying hi in passing and we hope to meet you again soon!

I also had a little time to make and list a few new limited edition pocket knife necklaces made from vintage and antique components in the jewelry shop:

How was your weekend? Busy, rainy or both?

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  1. Baby eggplants look delish... Estate sales are crazy! There is definitely a culture of people that frequent those sales. Dogs fascinations with cats never cease to amuse me. We had our in-laws dog for the past month while they were on vacation, and she was OBSESSED with my cat... just wanted to stare at him and eagerly try to get close. Cat was not amused...

    1. Basil does the same thing, ha. He just wants to get so close and then ends up getting swatted with a paw.

  2. working in the Etsy offices? I love estate sales, but i'm never one of those super rude early birds! Goodness! Can't wait for the eggplant recipe. I need to find a way to convince my husband to try it! :)

  3. Aw what a fun weekend!!! Working in the Etsy office sounds like a fun place to be :)

    1. Yes! So much fun. Sorry we will miss you in Charlottesville this weekend, but hope to catch up at the next meetup!


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