August 13, 2012

Weekend Basics

1 We are still making recipes like crazy with the figs from our neighbor's tree. Look out for a sweet treat and a savory appetizer, both incorporating figs later this week.

2 & 3 For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you might know that we've been harvesting our first crop of ever-bearing strawberries from the trough planters we planted back in April — they are both tiny and delicious! We also planted a fresh batch of thyme in one of the galvanized buckets we got at the farm supply store back in February to continue to round out our collection of fresh growing herbs.

4 I crawled way up under the back stairs to take care of cleaning a window that's been bugging me since we moved in 7 months ago — man it felt good to finally get it taken care of. By the way, it's nasty under there.

5 We've had a harder time deciding on paint colors for our back dining room, but at least I can say we're ready to get the job done. That's 5 different Restoration Hardware paint colors you see swatched there up on the wall — who knows what we'll end up with, but you can be sure we'll detail it our here on the blog when we know.

6 This time of year, the bundles of flowers at the market are just beautiful. Mary made me say that.

7 Saturday was Basil's 2nd birthday and we spoiled him as best as we know how. Look for all the details in our next post! Preview of him going crazy over one of his presents:

8 Last but certainly not least, in what's probably the most exciting news from our weekend, I collected together my arsenal of food photography props and we headed out for an off-site photo-shoot at Peter Chang China Café that I absolutely can't wait to share more details about later this week.

Sneak peek:


  1. o0o0o0o0o can't wait to hear about Peter Chang's! I keep hearing wonderful reviews, but have yet to try it out yet! Love the foot props photo, what a great arsenal of props!

    1. Thanks so much and yes get out there! Amazing food simply amazing.


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