July 4, 2012

A WHAT Dog???

Happy 4th y'all. Aside from celebrating Independence Day, I've always been intrigued by the Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. This may sound really weird, but I will admit that I have imagined what it would be like to participate in such a contest — then all those gross images of contestants soaking everything in water totally turns me off.

Little known fact outside of my immediate circle — I'm a really fast eater. Like, noticeably fast. When I was a little girl my parents entered me into our church pie eating contest and I beat everyone hands down — even the teenagers. It was a proud moment, ha. Thinking back on it with a little age on my chops is only slightly embarrassing...

This brings me to my next thought:

Ever since opening up this month's edition of Real Simple magazine, I have developed an irrational obsession with the idea of a macaroni and cheese topped hot dog. A what dog???

It looks horrifying and amazing all at the same time. I think I might stand a chance in an eating contest if these were involved and contestants were forbidden from dunking anything in water.

Would you dare?

Speaking of the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest, Tim took me to Coney Island the day after July 4th when I first moved up to NYC back in 2007.

Neither of us had ever been and thought it would be fun to hop on the train and head to the boardwalk for the day, reveling in the fact that we'd just missed the crazy crowds from the day before. Neither of us are one for crowds.

We saw the sights and rode the rides...

I took photos of all the sweets...

And then we broke bad and got some of the worst of the worst (but really good) hot dogs and cheese fries. I think Tim did all the ordering. We sat right where the hot dog eating contest had taken place the day before — the stage was still even in place, though the tables were empty and there was litter all over the place from the crowds that had been there. I loved that I got to sit there and eat hot dogs, imagining all the champions that had sat there before me...

Yep, every 4th that rolls by I can't help but think about the hot dog eating contest and this little trip we took to Coney Island. Funny the things that stand out in your memory.

I remember we snapped this pic from my tiny Brooklyn apartment just before we hopped on the train to Coney Island that day. Just look at us 5 years ago — my how the time flies...

Happy 4th y'all! Here's to spending time together and making great memories!


  1. OH my but you made me hungry. Hey a mac n cheese dog sounds great to me. Then the other food shot with like 4000 calories beckoning to me this evening. SIGH.
    Eating fast. I, too, eat so much faster than anyone I know. I don't really chew my food well, so get done oh so fast. Not that I am going to race you.
    And I agree, watering down a hot dog bun in order to wolf it down fast is just so icky! My. Favorite. Post. Yet.

    1. Karen, I am so happy someone else finds that icky! Thanks for stopping by.


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