July 2, 2012

Weekend Basics

Hello from Miami! OK, this is actually just the view I had from Miami over the weekend — pretty great, right? It was my best friend, Emily's, combined 30th birthday and bachelorette celebration, so we decided to do it up big by all of us girls meeting down in Miami for a quick weekend together. It was definitely one of those girls' trips to go down in the memory books and I hope to share some of my favorite photos from the trip here a little later.

While I was down in Miami hangin with the girls, Tim and Basil were holding the fort down here in RVA — braving all of these crazy Virginia storms.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot from a photo-shoot Tim did for Blanchard's Coffee over the weekend:

He documented the roasting process of our favorite coffee blend, Dark as Dark, and should have some more shots from the shoot finalized and ready to share soon.

In true Tim fashion, he also whipped up a batch of these Hungarian pickles (it was a recipe of his grandmother's), called Kovaszos Uborka. This is basically a sour pickle that goes through a 5 day fermentation process — he's documenting the progress with pics each day and should share the full shebang over on E.A.T. soon. Note the packaging here — that's another use we've found for recycling the burlap coffee sacks we get from Blanchard's.

Smoked tomatoes for another summer recipe also happened while I was away...

And upon returning home, he put together this variation on a Devil's Mess with much of the food we had left in the fridge. What a welcome!

How was your weekend? Are you feeling the effects of this crazy hot and stormy weather? We feel lucky to still have power at this point after we learned over 2.5 million here in VA are still left without to brave the heat. We also hear the Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest servers may have been knocked out briefly by the VA storms over the weekend — crazy stuff.


  1. There are endless uses for burlap, I absolutely love that material... My wedding was covered in it, hah! Those tomatoes look lovely, as do the pickles!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Thrilled to find you and how crazy are the similarities in our two lives? I bet your wedding was stunning — was it here in RVA?


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