July 6, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Etsy Video Team

As we head into the weekend, I just wanted to share this little behind the scenes peek into the lives of some of the amazing people I get to work with at Etsy.

"Most people think of Etsy as a place where you can buy really cool stuff, but Etsy is really a community of extraordinary people." - Beth Levison

Read the full article here and happy weekend!


  1. Cool video and I love taking a peek at how others work and create.

    1. So many creative people in the world and so inspiring to see what others do!

  2. Beautiful and Inspiring Video.

  3. This has me thinking about why I took to Etsy in the first place and how I've changed since.

    As an Appalachian woman, I've been versed in handmade. My family is a community of makers out of necessity and almost by default. Here, we assign people merit based on what they do with their hands. Mom is good with a needle and thread, Uncle can fix cars, Sister takes the family photos, and so it goes.

    But being an Etsian has matured my relationship with handmade to a more intimate level where now I can appreciate things made from human hands as works of art, as time put in, as care taken. More and more rarely, I am buying things from makers I do not know. I'm finding myself seeking out things made with intent, for my family, myself and my home.

    Thanks for the video share, Mary. :)


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