June 18, 2012

Weekend Basics

This weekend was actually a bit of a blur. We drove back from NYC on Friday and had a full weekend scheduled so Saturday and Sunday happened quickly — Hello Monday!

1. As you already know, we made the drive home from our week in NYC on Friday. During the car ride we tried our best to download and play around with blogging apps like Blogger and Tumblr for iPhone. While we feel like the Tumblr app is straightforward, Blogger seems like it might be best suited for writing and editing text the way it's set up at this point.

The bridges up North are pretty incredible — this is the view from the Verrazano bridge leaving Brooklyn heading into Staten Island.

2. Saturday consisted of unpacking and getting ready for a wedding we'd been looking forward to for a long time.

One of Mary's longtime grade-school/high-school friends (who also lived in NYC the same time Mary did but isn't Emily) got married here in Richmond which gave us the opportunity to hang out with some of Mary's close friends and wish the happy couple well. You may recognize Emily from this previous photo-shoot post.

Did you notice I shaved? Ha. I actually walked over (2 blocks from the house) to the William Byrd and got an old-school hot shave and haircut (Willie Carlton from the picture in the link actually gave me the cut and shave). I'm kind-of enamored with the place right now and am thinking it could be fun to do with the groomsmen before our own wedding. No promises on keeping the shaved look — it's already growing back as we speak. Call me lazy.

3. Yesterday we had my parents and Mary's dad over for a Father's Day brunch — I whipped up this little spread:

Who am I kidding, when it comes to food I always go big or go home. We had a bagel station, 3 different types of sausages I brought home from The Meat Hook in Brooklyn to smoke, a breakfast casserole, broccoli and cheddar quiches, spicy broccoli sticks and a variety of fruits to round things out. It was delicious — here's to dads!

4. While my parents were here they brought over this cedar chest of my mother's that she's had as long as I can remember and before she can remember:

We've been looking for an antique chest so this was such a welcome surprise. We took it straight up to Brandon's room and placed it at the foot of the bed where it really added to the overall look and feel of the room. I think we owe some upstairs room progress pics here on the blog soon. For now, we're stoked at the new-to-us chest and a little extra storage.

5. Regrouping for the week ahead. We love taking trips but also always love coming back home. In the free time we had over the weekend we just tried to take time to unpack, straighten up, relax a little and regroup for getting back into the more normal routine for this week ahead.

What we missed the most last week was this guy — who also seems just as happy to be back home:

PS — Today is Etsy's 7th birthday! We hope you'll raise your glass and toast with us while we celebrate from RVA!


  1. What a treasure that chest is.

    I'll bet nobody turns down an invite if they know Tim is cooking.


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