June 27, 2012

Bok Choy Update

Today we're excited to share a little Bok Choy plant update alongside the 4th installment of our Sustainable Scraps mini-series over on The Rikrak Studio where we've documented each of the steps in the growing process thus far!

We were thrilled when Kristal from Rikrak contacted us to guest post on her popular blog with a sampling of the plant projects we've been undertaking. For those of you not familiar, we've been trying our hand at growing Bok Choy straight from the scraps, very similar to the way we've been re-growing our celery.

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Boy Choy Update:
If I recall correctly, we left off with our first try at re-growing Bok Choy with something like this:


Determined to get it right, we tried again. We had too much success in the beginning and really wanted to be able to share the Bok Choy post on the RikRak series, so we chopped off the base on one of the Bok Choy plants we got in our Farm Table delivery box, placed it face up in a shallow bowl of water and let it do it's thing...


 Not long after, we had more success!

 Then it came time to plant. We did so a little sooner this go round and in a larger container.

So far so good! Find even more photos outlining the process with step by step directions over on RikRak Studio — and should you #FAIL like we have in the past, don't let it get you down, just try again!

Follow along with the full Rikrak Studio Sustainable Scraps mini-series here and keep up with our full Bok Choy plant progress, learning how to start growing your own right here.


  1. So. Cool. I love these planting tutorials. How are the sweet potatoes coming? Oh and the avocado's too? Did any of your plants get damaged from the storm?

    1. Angie — thank you so much. The sweet potatoes and avocados are doing so well! We are so long overdue for an update — coming soon!

  2. I'm going to try this, definitely!!!


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