May 7, 2012

Weekend Basics

Our weekend almost completely centered around food (surprise, surprise)...

1. Bright and early, the weekend started out with a bang on Saturday morning as we headed on over to the Grow RVA's South of the James market opening.

The transition from the winter market to the spring and summer season is always exciting since so many more food options become available and the crowds really come out.

2. Sunday, Tim whipped up some of the most amazing french toast using Norwood Cottage Bakery bread we got from the market in preparation for a guest post coming up this Thursday on the Virginia is for Bloggers site:

It was delicious — so stay tuned for the recipe, just in time for Mother's Day.

3. Speaking of recipes, Tim also made a spicy Hungarian version of kale chips to have on hand and snack on throughout the weekend with some of the Tuscan kale we received in our latest Farm Table produce box delivery:

These were surprisingly simple to make and the health benefits speak for themselves — find the full recipe from Tim right here.

4. We did take a little time away from the kitchen to go on a couple picking adventures Mike and Frank from American Pickers would be proud of. This was a roadside sale we happened across and couldn't resist:

And here are a few of the vintage finds we came home with — looking forward to sharing the breakdown on these later this week:

5. OK, break-time over, back to food. Ever since moving to the fan, Tim's been plotting a visit over to GUSTI Restaurant Equipment, a kitchen supply warehouse located walking distance from our home...

 Well, we finally made it over there and this, my friends, is the look of Tim like a kid in a candy shop — very serious business happening here.


We came home with 2 new stainless steel frying pans, now hanging to the left of the stove above our kitchen sink, and 2 new industrial sized sheet pans. Oh — that's our new EAT kitchen sign from Slippin Southern on Etsy chillin up there too. Super fitting.

6. And last but not least, this guy came out from hiding into a new home:

More on that later in the week!

We hope the weekend treated you and yours well — and that you are also getting a taste of this warm but mild Virginia spring weather.


  1. Oh you lucky ducks! You found a locker basket! Those are great for dog toys as well as many other things. I have a sort of fetish with locker baskets I think.

    However Reuben knows which basket is his and proceeds to pull every toy out and scatter them around the floor every time I pick up. It's really just a lost cause when it comes to keeping his toys organized :)

    1. Angie that is EXACTLY what we have done with our other locker baskets and the funny thing is on occasion Basil will put a toy back before he grabs another. Like I said that is strictly "on occasion" when that happens!

  2. Oh I've seen that hungarian paprika! Is it delicious?? I wish we had awesome picker sales like that around here! How cool!!!

    1. Jasanna, definitely pick up some Hungarian paprika for the spice cabinet as it has so many uses. We were definitely in the right place at the right time for this pickers dream. Happy Monday!


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