April 9, 2012

Weekend Basics

This post is brought to you by Instagram - phone photos in a pinch when our other camera was taking an impromptu road trip in Tim's daughter's car! Oh, to live the life of our Canon.

I spent the better part of last week in New York — this is one of the more famous views from the area in Brooklyn where the main Etsy offices are housed (DUMBO). Sometimes we will take lunch down to this waterside park to soak in a few rays of sun before returning back.

Has anyone else noticed how more and more we are entering planes curbside? Maybe it's just the route I take the most or something to do with JFK airport, but it seems like I'm walking out on the tarmac and up or down the stairs of the plane each trip. In any case, I snapped this pic as I climbed the stairs into the plane on the way back home to RVA — such a pretty view.

Speaking of views, did anyone else catch the full moon over the weekend? Tim and I took an evening walk with Basil and had this beautiful view of it overhead the entire time.

As mentioned last weekend, we'd been looking forward to checking out Richmond's Easter On Parade. We'd heard rumors of people and pets in full costume, and were not disappointed. Sections of Monument Avenue were completely closed off to traffic and open to walking people and pets. Everyone was dressed in their bright Easter best and the weather couldn't have been better.

We took Basil along with us and wished we had dressed him up for the occasion, but there is always next year to plan for!

Living in the fan now, we opened our house as a home base for friends and family to kick their feet up in between visits back and forth to Monument Avenue for the parade. I've got the say the best part of our weekend was when this little visitor came to see us:

This is my 3 year old niece, Virginia. We staged a mini egg hunt in our front yard for her and it was the cutest thing watching her pick up each egg up and shake it to see if there was anything inside. We'd filled each egg with nickels, dimes, quarters and a big one with a one dollar bill. When she got to the big one and shook it, she loudly exclaimed "there's NOTHING in this one," haha. It was fun seeing the expression on her face when she found the "paper money" inside the "empty" egg when we went inside to open each of them.

This is a shot of her after she found all 11 eggs and was so proud of herself. The really funny part was how our huge group of maybe 6-7 adults all huddled around our small front yard to watch little Virginia find all her eggs, all the while cheering her on!

Did everyone have a great weekend?

P.S. More to come on that wine box turned planter in the background of this shot later this week.


  1. Oooh looks warm there:) So glad to hear you guys had a great Easter! Ours was wonderful, with just a minor melt down on a mountainside. Long story short, found out our 9 year old is deathly afraid of heights :)

    1. Angie - loved reading about your Easter hike, what great memories!


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