March 11, 2012

Home Never Felt So Sweet

We just returned home from a week away, vacationing in Mexico. While the vacation was incredible, it was a rough commute getting back home — 31 hours rough and more to come on that— which makes finally being here all the more rewarding.

We just wanted to stop in to say a quick hello while we unwind from the last leg of travel — we're looking forward to sharing more about the trip and all those things we had up our sleeves for last week later this week! We'd had ambitious dreams of daily posts with all other responsibilities falling by the wayside. We now think the Mexican Internet Gods had another plan for us — unplugging completely.

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend wherever you may call "home" may be.

P.S. The photo above was taken in Washington D.C. where our final landing point was — from there we drove back the last leg to RVA (not to confuse anyone who may be wondering if we are claiming D.C. as our new home).


  1. Glad you're home safely after a long trip home. Hope the vacation was wonderful and I look forward to hearing more about it :)

    1. Thanks Monica! Now that we are week out from travel, things are finally settling down - whew!


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