February 6, 2012

Weekend Basics

1. We've got broccoli sprouts! Probably the most exciting news (geeky I know) we have to share this week is how quickly and well our broccoli seeds sprouted from planting them in eggshells last weekend. No later than Tuesday mid-morning did we notice the first small sprouts peeking through, followed up by rapid growth ever since. Be it a combination of sunnier windows in our new place paired with the natural planters or just dumb luck, we couldn't be happier.


2. In an effort to plan ahead for planting everything outdoors, we set out to a few garden and farm centers to find large planters and containing solutions for when it's time to turn our little patio into a functioning garden. We found some great galvanized containers and hanging planters, but also felt like there will be plenty of room to use things we already have around the house as we were looking around. We are, however, seriously considering the idea of getting a couple watering troughs. Check out the size of the large ones they had available (these would be way to big for what we have in mind, but were amazing to look at nonetheless).

While out, we also picked up some new heirloom seed varieties to try our hands at and two potted grapevine trunks. As with our avocado plants, we're not expecting much, but both thought it would be fun to learn as we go.

3. We've got a new composting system! There have been enough reasons for us to switch over to a new system that we took the plunge and put everything together over the weekend. More details coming soon...

4. When we weren't prepping for the garden, we (Tim) made time to squeeze in a few little home updates here and there. There's a big list of things we'd like to do, so we're tackling the smaller things as we have time — looking forward to sharing more later in the week.

5. It wouldn't be a weekend in our household without a busy kitchen full of new recipes. Tim's got a couple exciting new projects up his sleeve he was prepping for over the weekend, one of which concerned a huge T-bone steak! Guess who we're saving the bone for...?

Speaking of Basil, here he is trying to chat up his own neighbor, Oseido. She was playing hard to get...


  1. Oh how fun! You lucky duck, I wish we could plant and grow a garden here. I think the solution is, I need to build a green house. You know, Basil might like one of those watering troughs for a doggy swimming pool :)

  2. Angie, a greenhouse sounds like a great idea. We've seen a couple smaller ones that might not be too hard to navigate for trying out. Not sure we are ready to tackle, but still fun to think about:


    1. Sweet! I'm going to check those out! Lol I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle them either but I can always dream:)

  3. Do you cut your own meat, or was that picture taken somewhere else? If so, what brand/model saw do you use and do you like it?

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks for asking! This was a meat saw at the butcher shop we go to!

  4. Love your stories and Basil is just about the most adorable big dog!!


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