January 24, 2012

Roundup: Matching Tattoos for Couples

Our last post on his and hers tattoos was so popular, we thought there isn't a better time then now for another roundup with new designs we've come across in our internet journeys. While we're still not quite in the market (if ever) for getting inked ourselves — it's fun to live vicariously through those that have already taken the plunge. The following list of complementary tattoos come from couples who seem to have nailed it, no?

Each image, their source & more designs in Mary's Tattoo Files Pinterest Board

The tattoo designs above would make for matching ideas not only just for couples but families, friends and more. Tell us – if you have ink, are you still happy with what you chose?


  1. I missed the first post and I have to say this is kind of intriguing. While I always enjoy looking at others tattoos I've never seen myself getting one. This might change my mind though...although I'm sure I could never convince Stuart to do it.

  2. I think it is romantic to think of matching marks that you take together, bonding through the pain and also sharing a similar mark to remind you of your love.

    However, rings engraved are really romantic as well. There was one designer's ring I really liked, I forget who it is by, but it was a ring engraved with bolts so it looks like it is bolted on your finger.

    I have a tattoo on my back that I got in a young, raging feminist faze. I don't regret it, but I don't care about it now, at 34. Of course our passions and priorities change over the years. It is kanji (gag right? kanji lol I was obviously being SOOO different) for "woman"

    My kids ask me about it from time to time and I just tell them it's a tattoo, etc.

    I can respect other people getting those tattoos, but I would have to be blissfully in a new form of lust again to ever make such a romantic irrational decision to have it printed on my skin.

  3. Just found it online, the screw ring is by Cartier and I think it comes with a tiny screwdriver in some sets made of the same precious metal. :)

  4. I don't know...I have always kinda liked the wedding band...but I think i'd like something else w/my husband. something that I could get that looks 'delicate' and his more masculine...but they go together. hm....

    I know a whole family of 5 that all got matching bible verse reference tattoos. I thought that was pretty sweet. They're all in different places on the body but the same verse. :)


  5. I have two...and will only get one more. I still wear mine with pride:) Yes I was young, and reckless, yes my kids question my choices but I'm okay with it.

  6. Hey,

    I have a question about the second black and white photo, the one with the two hands on each other, does any one knows what the meaning is of this tattoo and where it comes from? My wife and I are thinking about it, to get a tattoo like this one..... Thanks for reading, Alexander.

    1. Alexander we would love to know the meaning to this one also. We did pick it for its great design. We unfortunately do not know. If you find out we would love for you to let us know!


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