January 4, 2012

Family Photos: Oldies but Goodies

In the spirit of sharing things we've unearthed throughout our move, we wanted to document some old photos of us and our families — while a bit random, we thought you all would enjoy seeing as much as we enjoyed revisiting.

1. Look at this little ham above in the garden! Little Tim, referred to as "Timmy" back then (and sometimes still by his father, which I love) pictured in the thriving garden of his Hungarian grandmother's house here in Richmond back in 1967. His passion for homegrown and homemade food was instilled and nurtured at a young age — just look at that look of wonder and happiness on his face!

Here I am in 1984 probably about the same age as Tim was in that first shot. This is kind of a hilarious photo in that when I found it I could completely relate to that little girl sprawled out in the middle of the floor. Tim refers to this "mood" I still get in today as "grumpilumpigous" — and when she comes out he just laughs and says "uh oh." When I was little, my maternal grandpa referred to me as his "mell of a hess." I'm pretty sure it's him who took this photo. He used to ask me who let the "mell of a hess" out of the dresser drawer and would tell me to go lock her back in it in jest.

I still miss that pink blanket to this day. My mom had to throw it away after too much wear and tear over the years.

12 year old Tim trying his best to look cool (he passes in my book) as he fishes. Some things never change — I think one of Tim's favorite ways to relax just might be fishing, even though he probably doesn't get to do as much of it as he'd like. He is also blessed with that olive skin that tans in 2 minutes from his Hungarian side — something I failed to inherit, though my sister did.

I think this is one of my new favorite photos. Pictured from left to right — my nanny (Alice Szigeti), my mother, and my aunt (Vera Szigeti) brunching the morning of my mother's wedding day. I think you can really see how much I favor my mother in this photo — she would have been a few years younger than I am now.

My Hungarian grandpa (Gene Szigeti) sitting on the back of his suburban after what looks like a successful hunt. I don't recognize the dog, but it sure is a cutey! Grandpa loved hunting and what I wouldn't give to know where that goose caller is pictured around his neck.

6. Grandpa's affection for hunting rubbed off on a few of us (remember this crazy hunting picture?), but the photo of my teenage mom above takes the cake! I tease my mom that she was rocking "skinny jeans" back when she was 16 and she teases me back saying that this was her father's "idea of a good photo shoot". I have to admit, I'm going to agree with him on this one since this photo is priceless.

Both of my maternal grandparents (Alice and Gene Szigeti) together after they first got married back in 1943.

Thanks for taking a peek with us down memory lane — and in many instances before we can both remember. We're keeping the originals in safe keeping until we can find an ideal way to display them throughout the new home.

Isn't finding old family photos the best?


  1. Snapshots are wonderful glimpses into moments in space and time--I enjoy the nostalgic mood. Timmy innocently gamboling and the resemblance of three generations of women--quite striking, eh?

  2. Fabulous photos! I just love looking back...

  3. To clarify I was happily gamboling and at that moment fishing, I was the coolest thing happening on that river......just to clarify.


  4. Ah! my husband is part hungarian too and tans in two seconds flat! Isn't it just unfair!? :) Loved the old photos!!


  5. I love them and miss them. This was awesome!
    Thanks Mary!

  6. Iamonewithmuchope - I'm feeling ya! Totally unfair - but they look so good :)

    Heather - I miss YOU! I need to plan a trip to visit you soon.


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