January 16, 2012

Etsy Shops You Should Know (The Manly Version)

I have been coming across some great Etsy shops lately (being that we are a very Etsy household) — had to share a few of my recent favorites.

1Reversible linen aprons by Scotland based Etsy shop, EgleBibiliute. Gotta love the simple unisex feel here — 100% linen, adjustable straps, and embody the feeling and love of being in the kitchen all day.  I could see myself in one of those with a single malt in one hand and a butcher knife in the other.

2 - Aftershave by Denver based Etsy shop, FIGandYARROW. Infused with bay leaf, star anise, allspice, juniper berry & cardamom with notes of balsamic vanilla, vetiver & sandalwood — loving the attention to detail here, right down to modern packaging with classic old world undertones that carries over into the entire FIGandYARROW line.  I happen to have all of these spices in my pantry right now.....hmmmm

3 - Eco friendly Glide Skateboards by Richmond based Etsy shop, fuhnetik. I honestly have no business posting about skateboards, but these just look cool — and well made. The best part is, they are made by Brian Lopez, a local Richmonder, from reclaimed materials like old floorboards. We're dying to make a trip to Brian's wood shop to get a look at these in person.  Check out the video below.

4 - Bartender's Tool Roll by Seattle based Etsy shop, McSology. Just like the description says, these tool rolls are for serious bartenders only. While I love to dabble in mixing cocktails, I'm by no means a professional — though I still think it'd be fun to have one of these sturdy canvas rolls in our bar to whip out from time to time.

A deeper look into Brian's (of fuhnetik) process in woodworking with recycled floorboards:

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