December 30, 2011

Look Who Santa Remembered...

Amidst all of our personal celebrations (New house! We're engaged!), Basil awoke on Christmas morning to a basket full of goodies from Santa himself...

Among tasty puppy treats and a brand new frisbee, Basil unwrapped (with a little help from good ole dad) a few presents Santa had found on Etsy:
  • A new handmade feed-sack collar from Handmade Green for Dogs that he will wear when occasions call for a clean collar — or in case he needs a backup for any reason.
  • A new antler chew toy from Wild and Wooley Treats. We've raved about antlers as natural and strong chew toys for Basil before — he was happy about it too.
Basil decided to place his toy basket, which is a vintage locker basket, out for Santa once he saw all of our own stockings lined up — smart dog. Did Santa remember your pets this Holiday season?


  1. Ack, you rock! Congrats on your news, much love to Basil. (PS - I second how awesome antlers are for dogs. we have 5 over for Christmas and they all fought over Auggie's. Time for more antlers!)

  2. Hm, an antler! That's a nifty idea! I'll have to check that out for my dogs. They'd probably love it. And seeing as they *destroy* their chew toys and rawhides within minutes, that's probably an affordable alternative! :)

  3. Julia! So great to see you round these parts - Basil loves his new collar if you couldn't tell!

    Iamonewithmuchhope - great to hear from you and yes! We cannot get enough antlers for Basil - he is a super rough and tough chewer. We have a hard time finding toys for him other than hard rubber like kongs that will actually last. Antlers do the trick - he loves the wild smell/taste of them and they last and last without breaking like bones do. Hope you'll give them a try!


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