December 24, 2011

17 Apart is Moving to a New Home

Big news for 17Apart! We're moving to a new home in the Richmond neighborhood known as the Fan, which is much closer to city living than our current home. We officially closed on the new house on Tuesday and are slowly making our way in. The home will be turning 100 years old this January and has incredible historic charm.

For now, we wanted to share our good news with each of you and wish you a warm holiday weekend. We're looking forward to sharing all the details behind our move, and give a more robust look into where we'll be nesting from now on as the holidays wind down.

Basil is also wishing each of you a happy holiday from his new favorite spot in the house:


  1. Congrats on your new home! It looks like an absolute beauty!

  2. It looks gorgeous!! I'm so excited for you all, congratulations! I look forward to seeing more photos.

  3. Exciting! I LOVE the Fan - lived there for about a year. My husband and I just bought a new home in Chesterfield that's 60 years old - we totally appreciate the charm of older homes. Have a fun time with it!

  4. how exciting! congrats on your new home,really want to see all the details on your move.
    love from Istanbul

  5. Happy Holidays to you too! As someone who lives in an old home they are a joy & frustration!!! Wait till Basil starts running down that hallway & slides into the wall/door, as our dog does on our hardwood floors!!

  6. Thanks all for your well wishes - we are both excited and tired from all the moving and holiday festivities.

    @DawnCorresponence - where in the fan were you? We are on West Grace!

    @Lisa - Basil has been sliding away and cracking us up like no other. It's amazing how quickly he's already taken to the new space.


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