November 14, 2011

Weekend Basics

1 & 6. While Tim does not consider himself a betting man, a few weeks back he and a good friend from up in Massachusetts placed a gentleman's wager on the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the New England Patriots game. This wager is a seasonal tradition where depending on the winner, either a Virginia ham is sent up North for the holidays or two 2 pound lobsters are sent down South. By the looks of our lobster feast Tim prepared this weekend, I'm sure you can guess who won this year.

2. We'd like to wish Anna and Qrystyn a huge congratulations on their weekend wedding! While we've never actually met this couple, we're inspired and intrigued by them due to the fact they created a wedding registry partly consisting of Etsy items. Two of those items came from Tim's shop, Behind the Screen Door, which is how we found out about them (the groom's mother bought this antique butcher knife as a wedding gift since her son is a chef and had added it to their registry). If you couldn't tell already, we're suckers for the stories behind objects and just love knowing the future story of this cleaver in it's joyous new home.

3. Tim received a long awaited package in the mail which he hopes to share the contents of here on the blog later this week.

4. We made good on last weekend's wish to meet up with Basil's new weim buddy, Yeager (Basil is on the right). Tim and Yeager's daddy kept in touch over the week and set up a time for the pups to reunite in a new-to-us wooded park called Larus Park — what a beautiful hidden gem. Tim remarked when he got back how he's lived in RVA all his life and never knew about this park literally 4 miles from the house. Needless to say, Basil also had a full weekend.

5. Inspired by the "Pimento Cheese Please!" film screening we attended here in Richmond last week, Tim set out to perfect his own grandmother's recipe of this southern classic. Learn more about the documentary film by Nicole Lang (the filmmaker) here and find Tim's own recipe newly published on E.A.T.

6. I got a chance to visit my Aunt Donna's horse farm in St. Stephen's Church, VA to spend some quality time with my cousins from out of town and 100 year old grandmother. During our visit, my dad walked out in full camouflage headed down to the woods, so we all took the opportunity for a photo-op:

Too funny.

In other news, the Richmond Marathon took place on Saturday. Our house sits on the direct route about half way from the start of the race — each year we look forward to hearing the police motorcycles come through clearing the way for those first fast paced runners breezing by. It's always an exciting time followed by watching the masses of participants pass through in different getups. Tim was able to snap a quick video of the first runners coming by our house after we heard the police come through. You can't see it on the pace car but we are at the 11 mile mark and they came by at 54:30 which means at this point they were still turning under 5 minute miles:

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  1. Congrats on winning the bet! I've never actually tried lobster.

    Love the photo of you and your dad!


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