October 10, 2011

Weekend Basics

We've spent the majority of this weekend centered around food — even more-so than usual if you can believe it. We've been shopping for food, making food, photographing food, writing about food and of course eating!

My favorite dish from the weekend was this beef short rib recipe I found in the pages of my latest Bon Appetit magazine. The savory aromas filled the house with smells of autumn — this was an ultimate comfort food dish.

2 & 5: It's officially fall at the South of the James Farmer's Market. We met up with my parents and spent our morning at our neighborhood market just as it opens at 8am. We like to get there early when we can since things are still getting going, the producers have a wide variety, and it's just not quite as crowded. Pictured above, I'm eating a breakfast pizza from Pizza Tonight with my parents and a sneak peek at two cartons worth of raspberries from the latest harvest at Agriberry Farm — Mary is going to be using this in a special recipe we hope to share later in the week.

3 & 4: After our neighborhood market, we headed on over to Farm to Family for our annual trip to get October pumpkins — they didn't disappoint. We've now got a beautiful variety of pumpkins on the front porch and we're looking forward to working with them throughout the month.

6: Basil enjoyed visiting the markets and a few long walks down by the river chasing after what we call his "crack ball." See him guarding it above — right here he was so tired at the end of the walk all he wanted to do was lay in the grass, but with his favorite ball in sight, he felt compelled to keep close watch.

P.S. You heard it here first: Find a special promotion today on Hello,Friend exclusively for Mary's line of jewelry. Great time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping or find something to yourself (ladies, I'm talking to you).

P.P.S. We have a winner! Rita Spratlen, who's favorite dogs are Ruffy, Tuffy, Ranger, Mona, Mona the 2nd, and Duke, won our Gulpy Giveaway. Thanks to all that participated and stay tuned for future giveaways right here at 17 Apart!

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