September 6, 2011

Long Weekend Basics

An extended Weekend Basics from an extended weekend...

1: Saturday brunch at Ellwood's Cafe. We dined outside with Basil at our feet — I had the Ellwood's poached eggs, and Tim opted for the Huevos Rancheros wrap. Both were delicious and the perfect way to celebrate all the great finds we came across earlier in the morning about town.

2, 7 & 8: While in the Carytown neighborhood of RVA, we stopped by one of our favorite butcher shops, Belmont Butchery. As Tim was picking out the steaks (a couple of amazing grass fed Rib-eyes from Buffalo Creek Beef in Lexington, VA), I couldn't help but notice the largest bags of charcoal I've ever seen in my life — 40 pound bags of Nature-Glo brand natural wood charcoal. Right on the front of the bag is written, "food service - not for resale," which I thought was pretty clever marketing, but as it turns out I've had a hard time finding it for sale online to link you up! In any case, we left with steaks for the night and a huge bag of charcoal to get us through autumn.

3 & 9: We were finally able to prep and plant our fall garden! Among several classic fall plant varieties, we're trying planting our own garlic for the first time. We'll be back with a full garden update later in the week.

4: We've been enjoying this slow-baked Coho salmon with everything from salads to breakfast breads & cream cheese. It was one of the freezer staples we were able to save from going bad in Hurricane Irene's no-power aftermath. Find the full recipe over on Tim's food blog, E.A.T.

5 & 10: We had a blast going on our own "picking" adventure Saturday morning (who else loves the History Channel show American Pickers?). We hit up a few estate sales and came across great new-to-us treasures including a Yashica Lynx-14 camera and the cutest little portable compact green folding Corona Special typewriter from the 1920's. While we're keeping several of our finds, you can find a few available in Tim's vintage Etsy shops: BehindTheScreenDoor & VintageCrack.

6: Basil after a fresh hose bath. He's always good for us when it comes to baths, but it seems like in the past couple weekends he's getting to where he's really going with the flow and relaxing during the bath instead of bracing for the hose, haha.


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! I've always wanted to grow garlic. I'll be interested to know how it goes for you.

  2. Stand by Monica we hope to have some that we will be able to show right here on 17 Apart!


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