August 22, 2011

Weekend Basics

1. The remnants of Basil's first collar from juliacuster on Etsy. We walked in the door from being away 2 hours one night last week to discover Basil had gotten his collar off and eaten a significant portion of it. I felt terrible for leaving it on him and am so glad he is OK - eaten portions have "passed." We're looking forward to getting our newly ordered collar from Silly Buddy on Etsy which should be arriving soon.

2. Biggest news of the weekend - we welcomed our newest niece into the word. Emily Sophia made her dramatic entrance at 3:13am, 8/19, weighing in at 7 pounds.

3. & 6. We played a round of mini golf at the Midlothian Putt-Putt. We actually went to photo document each of the holes on course #3 for a special project our talented friend, Mickey Duzjy, is scheming up. The funny part about it is, when Mickey asked us to help out with photos, we both have memories of playing Putt-Putt golf at this location as youngsters. My grandmother would take my sister and I there to play and Tim used to play in a JPA (Juniors Putting Association) in his early teens - most likely before I was even born. We joked at the possibility of our paths crossing way back then and how weird it would have been. Since Tim's children were in town this weekend it made it that much more fun of a project. More details to come as this undertaking materializes.

4. Tim made an incredible Sunday supper (no surprise there) with a whole leg of lamb we picked up at the farmer's market this weekend. Look out for the recipe on E.A.T. later this week.

5. Lots of coffee to help pull us through this hectic weekend. We are partial to the Dark as Dark whole bean variety of Blanchard's Coffee. The beans are actually roasted locally right down the road from where we live and Tim's had a tour of the full process. Love them.

We also had time to dine at The Roosevelt in Church Hill for the first time. Not only was the food phenomenal, the vibe reminded us of eating out in Brooklyn. My favorite was the "mac n' cheese" style gnocchi side. Good stuff, Richmond.


  1. Sounds like a pretty wonderful weekend, in the end! Many congrats on your beautiful niece!

    That's pretty cool that you both have memories of the same putt-putt location.

    This weekend my family and I went back to our favorite farmer's market in Logan. It had been over a year since we had been there and it was great to be back!

  2. great post as always. i really enjoy reading your everyday normalcies. it makes them all the more genuine, real, and special. congrats on a great week.

  3. Oh my, Emily Sophia is just amazing. Congrats!


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