August 8, 2011

Weekend Basics

It was a busy yet quiet weekend at the same time for us - know what I mean? Amidst our regular weekend errands, trip to the market and cooking, we took on a new project, and Tim spent a great deal of time in the kitchen testing recipes for his upcoming Wednesday night cooking class while I packed & prepped for my week ahead in the big city.

1: Sneak peek of our big deer skull decor project. More to come later this week...

2: As planned, we scored fresh peaches and all the other ingredients required for our peach ice cream recipe we were going to make in our vintage hand-crank ice cream maker this weekend. The only snafu we came across was hunting down the rock salt. I went everywhere - hardware stores and 3 different grocery stores looking for it (also named ice cream salt). After no luck, we decided to order this 5 pound bag online and wait for next weekend to make the ice cream. Luckily, all of the other ingredients will keep until then and with 5 pounds, we should have enough to use it on more than one occasion.

3 & 5: It just wouldn't be a 17 Apart weekend unless Tim was in the kitchen doing what he does best: cooking. He whipped up a simple summer tomato sauce from scratch using ingredients from our garden and smothered it over fresh local Bombolini pasta we picked up while at the market. Find the full recipe over on E.A.T.

4: Basil playing around with a deer antler of his own, and really - what would a Weekend Basics post be without a photo of Basil being Basil?? More on antlers as dog toys included in our project post later this week...

6: Packing up and prepping for my week ahead in the Brooklyn Etsy office. It's been a busy few weeks at work and I'm looking forward to getting busier as we gear up for the holiday season. That over-sized canvas tote came from a limited first run of Etsy Vintage promo bags - it reads "The Thrill of the Hunt: Etsy Vintage" - and looks like a few are still available in the online Etsy Store.

Oh and here's a makeshift #7 I almost forgot to include: Yoder's Donuts at the South of the James farmers market.

These are ridiculously good. We've been hearing buzz about these donuts and have seen them set up at our local market for the past several weekends with lines around the corner. This Sunday I just had to try one. They are cut, shaped, fried and glazed on site then handed to you fresh and hot. After a couple bites I declared them the best donuts I've ever had. This is coming from a girl who grew up going to the original Krispy Kreme on Broad Street here in Richmond before it's modern makeover (usually I only hear about how things used to be around town from Tim, haha). My dad would round my older sister and I up on Saturday mornings to run errands with him and give my mom a break. He'd take us over to the Krispy Kreme and let us pick out not one but two donuts - anything we wanted. It felt like we were completely spoiled and we loved it. He'd sit us up at the old bar counter to watch the glazed donuts being made and chat with the regulars there.

So as you can see, having emotional ties to the original Krispy Creme style donuts, you can bet Yoder's donuts are worth the trip. Here's to a wonderful week ahead to you and yours.


  1. That's kind of bizarre that you couldn't find rock salt. A five pound bag will make a lot of batches of ice cream, but if it's that rare where you live, maybe it's good to stock up.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the deer antlers. I just about bought some today for my dogs (3). But wasn't sure if they would really like them. Will be back to read your followup.

  3. Waterrose - so thrilled to see you here! The antler post will be publishing Wednesday so if you can't wait until then I will go ahead and tell you to buy the antlers - best dog toy/chew we've ever gotten! Much more on that Wed but at least you have the short answer in advance.

    Camille - I know! I couldn't believe we couldn't find the rock salt/ice cream salt. I looked everywhere for the red box just like in your amazing yogurt post from this weekend. At least now we will be stocked up.

  4. That donut has me drooling! And I've never heard of antlers as dog toy, I wonder how long it would take my goofy pitty to go through one?

  5. Jane, I had never heard of them either but they rock. Most durable toy we've ever come across besides the kong!


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