March 19, 2014

Update: Regrowing Succulents

You might remember from back at the end of January when we shared starter pics from our efforts to try and propagate one of our succulent plants:

We left off with high hopes and a few teeny tiny roots just beginning to peek their way out from the individual pods:

Well, right around 7 weeks have passed, it's been a long cold winter that just won't quit and here's an update with how we're looking right now:

Most of the pods have remained full and supple — and the little roots just beginning to grow in January have grown much longer, grasping well into the soil:

One of the pods has already began forming a new leaf right from the end of where we pulled it from the original plant:

We're pretty pleased!

For now we'll just continue to let them do their thing, giving a spray of water every now and again hoping for continual, albeit slow growth. Perhaps the process will speed up a bit now that we are approaching spring.

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