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Faces in the Bathroom

Remember the custom illustration we had made by Katie Noonan?

Well, we finally got it framed and hung up on the wall — in the bathroom no less:

 I have these 2 guys to thank for getting the job done:

I picked up a 16x20" basic black frame with white matting from our local craft store and I like how the matting and frame make the (already large) artwork look even more substantial.

Tim's parents joined us for dinner over the weekend and his mom commented how she felt like all of us were watching her while she was in the powder room. So maybe it's a little creepy. We are OK with that for now.

It's nice finally being able to get some art up on the walls after getting a fresh coat of paint on them over the summer. It definitely helps make the space feel a lot more homey and personal — not to mention it being a great conversation piece for everyone who visits our little downstairs half bath.

For anyone interested, you can find more illustrations by Katie and have your own custom work done by visiting her Etsy shop, GoodAfternoonan. Check out another one of Katie's Basil renditions here.


  1. that looks so cool! the artist has such a great drawing style and i agree about using larger frames

    1. Thanks Kathy we were please also with the outcome!

  2. Looks great! Art is for anywhere in the house. I so love the way you decorate and redo your home.

    1. Thanks Karen and still a work in progress with certainly more to come. Maybe as early as this week hint hint.

  3. Aw, it looks so awesome, Mary. I'm so glad it worked out! I love, love, love the frame and matting you chose for it.


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