March 12, 2012

A Little Getaway

Each year we are lucky enough to join family in Mexico for a week-long vacation at the Royal Caribbean and Royal Resorts. It's something we look forward to and has become a fun little tradition throughout our relationship. We mentioned troubles getting back home, but before getting into all that we wanted to share a little photo roundup of our week a little closer down near the equator.

This year's trip happened to coincide with Stephanie's (my daughter) college spring break, so we had the pleasure of her company throughout the week too! Surprisingly, the first few days of the week were cloudy, overcast and sometimes outright rainy. We've been used to clouds moving in and out quickly, but the sun is always center stage.

For example, what is wrong with the following image:

Sweatshirts and tropical drinks don't always make the best companions... Beginning to worry our entire week might be cloudy, we had to come up with ideas for things to do outside of being poolside (my favorite activity). I decided to take a walk and shoot the tropical flowers brightening up the landscaping since cloudy weather can sometimes prove to be the best for good shots:

We were also impressed to see a fairly large herb garden outside one of the resort restaurants and appreciated that they were keeping it local even in a high tourist area.


Just as we were beginning to accept the off weather, the sun came shining through to save the remainder of the week.

We didn't even notice any weirdness with the solar flare storms taking place, though Mary did get burned pretty badly once the sun finally came out. I began calling her "my little lobster" — it's an ongoing joke since I have that olive skin that always tans well.

Here we are at sunset during the last night there — Mary's all wrapped up to cover that burn, shhhh. Don't ask me what that is on my shorts, I have no idea.

It was a wonderful week in Mexico and we've both returned back refreshed and re-energized for getting back into the swing of things. Do you take regular family vacations or have a special getaway planned as your own spring break?

P.S. When we go on vacation we take Basil to a combined doggie daycare & overnight kennel. This trip was the longest he's ever stayed in an overnight facility (7 days) and it just wasn't the same without him while gone. We're happy to report he did well and also seems glad to be home.


  1. Looks like a wonderful time! I always burn like a lobster, too.

    1. Some of us just get the bad end of that stick, haha. My burn has finally finished peeling (TMI?) and my tan is kicking in, haha.

  2. I had to chuckle at your picture of the sun coming through that lone hole in the clouds. Up here in Alaska we call those sucker holes:) Glad to hear you had a great time!

  3. How fun! Even though it was cloudy I am glad you had a great trip! Our family takes a trip to Murrel's Inlet in SC every year, it's grown to about 20 family members gathering in a big beach house now and each of us takes turns cooking a breakfast and a dinner so everyone is always well-fed and we don't have to coordinate (or pay for) too many nights out.

    1. Jennifer, that sounds like good fun. We'd like an invite to breakfast this year, please :)

  4. Just found your blog through the Kitchen. Good stuff!

    Next time you guys should consider having a house sitter. That way Basil can stay at home and your plants will stay maintained. Check out, and to name a few. Free for homeowners to sign up and most of the sitters do it free in exchange for staying in an area they want to explore.

    We live in Mexico right now - on Isla Mujeres. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    1. NewNomads! We LOVE Isla! We have debated having our honeymoon there. Thanks so much for the tips on the house sitter - checking out your links now!

      Keep in touch!


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