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Sending Out an SOS: Hunting Dog Garden Statues

Today's post is a bit of a call for assistance — in the form of, "we've looked everywhere and can't seem to uncover where a pair of these hunting dog statues can be found." Alas, in our fruitless hunt we're putting out a collective call (in our best Police voices) for your knowledge on all things dog statue related...

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It all started during our morning walks around the neighborhood. Every so often, we'd venture a few streets out of the way to pass the house with a pair of weathered hunting dogs, that in their concrete finish very closely resemble a pair of Weimaraners (just like the roundup of images we've put together above). Their owners would dress them up for holidays and just generally they were a joy to see. You may recall seeing a few snaps of these dogs in one of our recent Fan Holiday House Tour roundups.

Then one morning Tim noticed they went up for sale on our Nextdoor social app for our neighborhood. It was at that point we realized we'd love a pair to either stand guard at our front entry, or keep watch over the back garden. Unfortunately, we were too late — the pair from our neighborhood had already been claimed, never to be seen again.

Since then, we've exhausted every combination of searches we can muster both online, at local garden centers and salvage yards. While image searches have returned exactly what we're looking for, we've had zero luck finding them available for purchase outside of past-due auctions. Perhaps we'll stumble across a friendly set in our future adventures, yet can't help but think we're just missing a source.

With that, do you or anyone you know hold the key for where to find these dog statues? And should you stumble across one or a pair in your own adventures, will you kindly keep an eye out for us?

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  1. call Cratch's Furniture & Pottery 7571 US Highway 264 E, Washington, North Carolina 27889
    (252) 946-9075
    They are on Facebook too. No Website. They have all kinds of concrete stuff. Good Luck.

    1. Heike,
      Thank you! We usually take a beach trip and we will certainly check these folks out over the summer! Best — Tim and Mary

  2. Is here a way to send you a link directly? I found two places that have the dogs... they might not be the right ones or size... but I don't think it goes thru when I write to 17 says it's a no reply address...

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      If you hit the contact button in the top bar you should be able to send us an email or of that does not work we are at! Looking forward to seeing what you might have!

      Best — Tim and Mary


    1. Thanks Heather — these are just the ones we've been looking for! Will have to keep an eye out on Ballard Designs!


  5. I found the dog statue at UK Amazon, if the helps. They call them Pointer Dog Statues.

  6. Found another place. They have a pair of the pointer dog statues.


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