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Over on eHow: Decorating With Trunks

It's amazing just how versatile antique trunks can be when it comes to functional storage, and today we've rounded up 5 of our favorite ways to repurpose old trunks into decorative storage solutions for your home over on eHow.

You might remember our own variation — the vintage trunk we rescued from our back alley, fitting it with caster wheels to serve as our TV stand:

The possibilities are endless. Find the full roundup of decorating ideas with lots more inspiration photos featured over on eHow right here. We'd love know — how would you (or do you) use an antique trunk to decorate your space?

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  1. I'm thinking of combining two of your projects--converting my trunk (used as a coffee table) into a side table by putting hairpin legs on it.

  2. I saw some amazing use of trunks... I am a huge fan of trunks and I almost have all kind of trunks from small to large and all of material leather or metal... and i am using them for storage purpose for my belongings and some of them as side table or lamp table but never thought of using or transforming a trunk into wardorbe.... that's really a very good idea... and I am gonna try this idea with my old one... thanks!


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