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Long Weekend Basics

It was one of those long weekends filled with family, friends and food here! Some of the highlights included:

Thursday we had both sets of our parents over for a 4th of July cookout!

My mom recycled one of the hanging mason jar flower vases from our wedding by filling it with fresh hydrangeas and other flowers from her yard — it was so cute! Tim tossed some chicken and sausages in the smoker, kicking off the first time of the season we've pulled it out to use!

This guy kept a close eye (and nose) on all of the cooking action:

Among many other goodies, Tim's mom made and brought over the dessert — a beautiful and delicious strawberry shortcake, topped with a little flag fitting for the day:

You can probably imagine, this didn't last long in our household.

Friday we were so excited to meet up with one of our blogging buddies, Olga of Mango & Tomato. She was visiting a friend in Richmond for the weekend, so we met for a couple happy hour cocktails at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and chatted like we've known each-other for years:

It was a lot of fun and a little surreal getting to meet someone in person who we feel like we've gotten to know online — thanks for such a fun meetup, Olga! Keep up with her and her delicious recipes over on Mango & Tomato.

Saturday we got our weekly farmer's market fix, I headed down to my mom's house on the river with some friends while Tim stayed home perfecting a few new recipes. He was also able to get the first full coat of polyurethane on the outside of the locker console project we've been working on:

While outside throughout the weekend, we noticed our neighbor has a tall blackberry bush fruiting and branching out over the fence:


Much of the weekend we had some new tunes playing in the background — Tim scored 3 new records from the record shop down the street, one of which included a Kinks album from a live show he actually attended:

For those that don't know and if we haven't mentioned it here on the blog before, one of Tim's all time favorite groups is The Kinks. We actually had a few tunes in our wedding ceremony — I'll have to tell you all the details in a later post.

In unrelated news, I've developed a new obsession with the free DOTS game app. It's so clean and a simple concept, yet wildly addicting to play. I made Tim take a photo of my best score so far:

Oh, DOTS, it's only a matter of time before I break 300.

P.S. Speaking of obsessions, Tim and I watched the trailer for a new reality show coming soon on Oxygen and think we are already obsessed. Three words: Preachers of LA — thoughts?


  1. Oooh, I made it into the roundup! Loved meeting you!!

    1. You sure did — it was the highlight of our Friday!

  2. I've told my cousins we're going blackberry picking, but they're on snake duty while I pick berries. I promised goodies in return. And plus they're boys, they can totally brave snakes, right? Right?? ... I'm going to end up having to deal with the snakes, aren't I?

    1. Jess, Tim here — I am not scared of many things but snakes give me the creeps. I would suggest wearing chaps. Snakes do like blackberries. Eew!

    2. I'll let you know how this pans out! Lol

  3. I am royally addicted to Dots. Such a fun game thanks for telling me about it!

    In North Idaho, as well as in Alaska we do not have poisonous snakes. Both Rusty and I have decided we will put up with snow and rainy springs if it means we live in an environment that is not conducive to snakes :) That being said, we have every large predator in the area.

    1. Angie, Dots is crazy. So simple, so easy to play and way too easy to begin another round, ha!

  4. I'm addicted to dots as well, such a simple yet fun game. I love playing it when I have to wait around for a few minutes, in my head instead of 5 minutes I think 5 rounds of dots, haha :)

    1. Unfortunately our 5 minutes turns into 10. So addicting!


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