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Recipe: Inside Out Summer Mojitos

Summertime always supplies us with an abundance of mint — and the perfect excuse to make mojitos! Today we're excited to share the recipe for our version, which we like to call "inside out" since we incorporate mint-infused ice cubes into the cocktail.

First we'll need to make the simple syrup. To do this, simply pour 1 part sugar to 1 part water (we used 1 cup of each), stir to combine then place on the stove-top and bring to a boil, continuing to stir until sugar has dissolved.

Remove from heat and stir in handful of mint leaves, stirring to coat. Let steep and cool for at least 4 hours or overnight if you like.

Once syrup is ready, strain and pour into jar for safe keeping and multiple uses. Reserve the mint leaves for your first batch of cocktails.

Now we're ready to make some mojitos!

Place some fresh mint leaves into your glass along with 1 1/2 - 2 ounces (small pour) of your simple syrup and muddle — this will allow the essence of the mint leaves to escape and infuse the remaining ingredients of the drink, which is just one of the reasons they taste so great.

Kitchen tip: make use of what you have. If you don't have a muddler, use the back end of wooden spoon or spatula (like I did, shhhhh).

Next up, grab a couple of those mint-infused ice cubes and drop them into the glass:


Pour rum of your choosing into bottom of glass, followed up with a splash of club soda. We went with a dark rum, but a white rum will also certainly get the job done (and is technically the more classic rum to use in mojitos).

Finish with the a squeeze of a lime wedge and toss the rest of it on into the glass.

Now it's finally time to raise your glass in a toast the to the summer and your newly made fresh inside out mojito!

What have you been doing to beat the heat this summer? Any favorite cocktails involving garden herbs in your arsenal?

P.S. Some people have asked how we made those large square ice cubes. We used an over-sized silicone mold we picked up on a recent trip to NYC, but they are pretty easy to find around — here's a link to them in our Amazon shop to get more details. They make those perfectly large sized cubes that go in a single tumbler and give off that old fashioned cocktail feel. Find the full details for making the ice cubes in this post.


  1. Yum! Who doesn't love a nice mojito on a hot summer day? I love infusing simple syrups with different flavors, I've never tried with mint though, so simple! (no pun intended) I love fresh basil in cocktails... Especially with orange, it's very refreshing and smells great!

    1. Wow, Basil and Orange does sound good Lauren — sounds like we need to pay you a visit during happy hour :)

  2. When do you use the simple syrup?

    1. Bee!! Thank you for catching that. All that effort into explaining HOW to make the syrup with no instructions on WHEN to use it. Shame on us. We updated to post to show that you add about 1 1/2 - 2 ounces (small pour) of the syrup at the same time you add the mint leaves and muddle.

      Thanks again!

  3. Great recipe! I love teh size of the ice cubes - what did you use to make them?


    1. Hey Eliz,

      Thanks so much for checking it out! We found an enlarge silicone mold while in NYC one week but since we've also seen them in places like Target and on Amazon right here:

      Good luck!

  4. This is great, but I'm really curious how you managed to produce square icecubes!

    1. They make square ice cube molds that are sold on amazon. I've also heard of people using craft boxes with square compartments and freezing those like ice cube trays.

    2. Hey Sabrina — Duff is right!

      We found an enlarge silicone mold while in NYC one week but since we've also seen them in places like Target and on Amazon right here:

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  5. Always love a Mojito! Use boiled water in your ice cubes and they will freeze clear. This would show off the mint leaves! Cheers!

    1. Yes, we learned that trick after we posted this! Thanks for the advice and for stopping by!

  6. Inspiring my wheels are turning.thank great ideas

  7. Love, love, love this idea. What kind of herb would you use for a bourbon drink?


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