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Weekend Basics

We've had a few back to back jam packed (say that 5 times fast) weekends over the past couple weeks and more to come soon, so we jumped at the chance to hunker down around the house over the weekend. We took time to just relax, and catch up on season 4 of Breaking Bad in prep for the upcoming premiere of season 5! Anyone else hooked on this show?

Weekend activities also included some gardening, cooking and a little bit of jewelry-making (on Mary's part):

In predictable fashion, we did make a quick Saturday morning trip over to the farmer's market and I simply couldn't leave without a dozen blue crabs — being in season, they were the perfect weekend snack. Look out for a picking tutorial and my standby crab cake recipe coming soon.

While at the market, I also snapped up these padron peppers and loved them so much, I wrote about cooking them over on E.A.T. today:

We also caught Basil in the act of putting on one of his cutest begging faces for a new fruit leather recipe Mary made this weekend — more on that later this week. While she was photographing them for the blog, he just rested his snout right on the table, getting as close as possible to the snacks without actually touching them — it was hilarious.

P.S. We also finally got around to watching The Music Never Stopped, a movie Mary and I have both been wanting to watch since seeing the trailer way back when. I'll be man enough to admit this one was a tearjerker — not the chick flick kind. A good one for any music fan of the 60's to say the least.


  1. Those peppers look amazing! As does the mini crab feast... I didn't realize the market had fresh crabs!

    1. The peppers tasted so good and yes they have had the crabs now for a couple of weeks at the market. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hahaha! That might be the best self control I've ever seen in a dog. Way to go Basil!

  3. Sweet Basil! I always love seeing photos of him. Looking forward to seeing the fruit treat photos and recipe, Mary!

    1. Thanks Monica we hope to have the recipe up later in the week. It will have a little twist or different take from the last fruit roll ups we did.


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