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Roundup: Coordinating Tattoos

In keeping with our matching tattoos for couples collections, today we wanted to share some new ink designs we've come across that coordinate in one way or another. While the majority of the below designs come from a single person, we love the idea that they could work together as a matching set on two different people as well.

 Each image, their source & more designs in Mary's Tattoo Files Pinterest Board

So tell us — do you have tattoos? How long did it take you to decide what you wanted and are you still happy with the decision you made?  Did we inspire anyone to get inked since our last tattoo post?


  1. Oh fun! I have been tossing the idea back and forth about two wrist tattoos. A little sail boat and the saying Risk The Ocean on one wrist and then on the other wrist an anchor and the saying I Will Not Sink. Anyway, just a thought...

    1. Well that sounds like a great idea for one. You will have to keep us posted as we are sure to keep you posted here also!

  2. My husband and I would love to get matching ones eventually. We really want it to be very meaningful to both of us, yet not super conspicuous. So...we shall see. Pinterest is great for finding things like this! I like the different take on the wedding ring finger!

    1. We are quite honestly still on the fence but who knows! I am sure we will announce any new ink here on the blog. HaHa


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