July 2, 2014

Stephanie's Room Makeover: Before & After Photos

After womping a couple mega posts on you detailing out the process for restoring the plaster walls in Stephanie's room, we wanted to follow up with a more bite-sized look at some proper before & after pics — because we all love a good before & after transformation, right!?

For the full background on this room overhaul, you can read all about how we discovered a moisture problem in Stephanie's room and all the necessary steps we took to fix it in this first mega post. If you're not tired from reading at that point, we also detailed out the step by step process we underwent to completely restore, protect and paint the interior wall in this second mega post.

It all started with the bright lime green walls in Stephanie's room. The photo above is a good representation of how it looked "before."

Real classy, right? We moved in with these bright green walls and always knew we'd want to update them, but worked our way around painting the downstairs before moving up the stairwell and upstairs rooms. In the two years since moving in, we began to notice some cracking, bubbling and peeling of paint on the exterior facing wall of this room (pictured above).

Here's how we're looking now with a fresh coat of white paint on the ceiling and two coats of Restoration Hardware's "Latte" colored paint on the walls:

You probably also noticed the updated decor. Now that Stephanie's moved in full time, she's been busy picking out new bedding, furniture and other decorative pieces to update the space. She says she wanted to go for a palette of beachy blues, whites and neutral sands — I think she nailed it. She's also got an elevated pillow-top mattress and box spring to replace the older one we previously had on the bed which also adds some nice new dimension to the room. I'm sure her space will continue to be a work in progress as she continues to settle, so we'll update (with permission) as larger updates take shape.

Here's a better view of the exterior-facing wall we restored as a before shot:

And the updated "after:"

To give you an idea of what this exterior wall went through before getting to the above point, here's a couple of "in-progress" shots (so glad we are past this stage):

It's definitely been a welcome transformation, to say the least! Here's one last "after" room shot for good measure:

You'll notice some bulging from where we didn't get the final joint compound completely sanded and smoothed down, but we're chalking that up as "adding to the character" of our 100+ year old home and proud of the work we were able to tackle on our own.

Finally, while a very subtle change, the view we're most enjoying is the updated peek inside Stephanie's room from the front stairwell and our own bedroom peering down the upstairs hallway. Before we had a bright lime green situation calling attention to itself:

Now we're loving the subdued neutral tone — it's a slightly different shade from the gray paint on the hallway, so provides a bit of visual variation, albeit a much softer one than the green (that we're much preferring now):

Little by little, we're knocking out the things we've been wanting to update since moving in. Now if we could get to updating that track light system and hang some frames on these bare upstairs walls we'd be happy as clams — but those are always projects for another day and we keep reminding ourselves that making this home "ours" is a marathon, not a sprint.

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