June 17, 2014

Summer Breeze: Installing Our Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Last week we detailed out how we updated the chandelier from our bedroom and reinstalled it in the small adjacent room we use as a walk-in closet. Today I'm going to share all the details about swapping out the ceiling fan we took down from this smaller room to reinstall in our bedroom (cause that is what I do).

Last we left off, I was up on a ladder, breaking down a ceiling fan. Not shortly after, I was back up on the ladder, reinstalling that same fan in our bedroom (dang honey do's):

See that hole in the ceiling? Yeah, it's not pretty and yes, we admit we lived with it for 9 months before getting the motivation to make it right. It happens, right?

To get started, I was excited to change out the previous dimmer and plate cover. It was a round knob dimmer and we simply needed an on/off switch since we'd be able to use the fan's pull chains to adjust the lighting and fan speed:

As soon as I got started removing the plate, Mary told me to look over to the other side of the room:

Apparently, Basil was enjoying the view from our little balcony off the bedroom. We call it our Romeo and Juliet balcony and he loves to perch like this and get a look at the neighborhood from up high, but what was so funny about this particular instance was how he was resting his chin up on the balcony railing. Let's take a closer look:

Now that's what I call lounging. Basil, you never fail to keep us entertained! 

Ok back to the dimmer:

To make the switch I just needed to remove the wires from the dimmer and put them on a single pole switch before covering with a new clean white plate. Though we have plans to paint this room down the road, it never fails to amaze us what a difference a clean white switch-plate cover can make:

Next up, rewiring for the ceiling fan. As soon as I screwed in the the ceiling medallion with the new wires for the fan Mary practically jumped for joy that the gaping hole in the ceiling we'd been living with for the past several months was finally concealed (I would have gotten a picture of that but I was perched on the ladder):

This rewiring part of the job required poking around our attic space just above this portion of the ceiling, which some of you might recall is not one of Basil's favorites. Anytime we go in the attic, he waits at the bottom of the ladder, barking and beckoning us to come back down from the dark hole in the ceiling:

Once I got everything correctly wired and connected to the main base of the ceiling fan, the rest of the install was a matter of putting everything back together, one piece at a time:

When we got to the final stage and simply needed to put the shades back on, we decided to give this fan a little bit of a personal update. Mary's mom had given us a set of antique glass light shades that used to be a part of her family's history down at Beechwood (where Mary's maternal grandmother grew up). Jinx (Mary's mom) salvaged these glass shades and gave them to us a couple years ago, thinking we might be able to rework them into some sort of pendant lights or project we had going on. Well, we sat on them for a few years, but as soon as we began installing this fan, a proverbial lightbulb went off and we knew they'd be perfect for this room:

It turns out we had 4 matching glass shades in the box (and one milky white glass one leftover), that fit perfectly over the the bulbs on this ceiling fan:

After carefully installing them, we turned the electricity back on, crossed our fingers and flipped the switch. Then we saw movement!!

A quick pull on the fan chain later and we saw light!!

This was one of those projects that we started and put off for several months, so it was an exciting moment to call it complete. We've got a lot of work we want to do in this room (repairing water damage, painting the walls, potentially smoothing out the textured ceilings), so this was a good starting project for this space that only cost us elbow grease — not to mention we know have a cool breeze at night while sleeping, especially now that it's summertime.

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