March 26, 2014

Meet Chelsea-Rose!

Look who's here! We're so excited to share the good news that our newest niece, Chelsea-Rose, was born last week. She made her way into the world around 3:30am this past Tuesday, hours past her original due date of Saint Patrick's Day.

Interestingly — she has many of the same features her oldest sister, Virginia, had when she was first born, but with darker hair and eyes. My sister and I both have dark hair and eyes, but her first three children all have light blonde hair and blue eyes. It will be fun to watch Chelsea-Rose grow, seeing if those little wisps of hair will continue in more of a brunette fashion.

Tim and I are trying to pitch in by helping watch some of the other children — and we've got Sophia keeping us company as we speak. It really does seem just like yesterday that we were welcoming her into the world. Sophia doesn't know it yet, but she'll wake up to homemade chocolate chip pancakes that Uncle Tim's been planning :)

Thanks for sharing in our excitement of our newest family member!

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