February 3, 2014

Weekend Basics: Roof Repairs & Baby Showers

Outside of getting geared up to watch the Super Bowl and all the commercials, we had a couple main events from the weekend we thought could be fun to share here on the blog.

First up, roof repairs! We mentioned 3 major home repairs, including the roof, in our 2014 goals & resolutions post and while not always the most exciting (and certainly not the least expensive) type of work or home update to talk about, it feels good to be getting these necessary repairs taken care of early in the year so we can set the foundation for more fun updates to come(cost of owning a 100+ year old home). To break it down, we had a few areas where the roof flashing was coming loose, and the gutters were out of whack — both of these issues were contributing to moisture seeping in through to some of our interior upstairs walls which was creating bubbling and cracking of the paint and plaster walls. Some patchy mortar spots along the exterior walls aren't doing anything to help the issue, so we've got that work lined up to take care of next. While the flashing and gutters were getting taken care of, we also had a fresh silver coating applied to the roof and some minor slate work done to the front facade of the home.

In case anyone's wondering, the above shot is of our roof and what a typical railroad style fan home roof looks like here in Richmond. They are mainly flat and designed on a slope to help direct water flow to the appropriate drainage areas. Here's our roof after the repairs were done and the final silver coating application was in progress (these roofers walk around up there like nobody's business :

You can see where the older coating was thinning and cracking in comparison. Oh, and here's a shot I snapped looking over the very front edge of our house where we have a slate facade — and yes, I actually did get a little bit scared of the heights while snapping these pics:

So, before we can tackle the fun updates, like painting upstairs bedrooms, we wanted to knock out the root cause of the problems so we don't have to backtrack down the road. We'll be sure to share the dirty details when it comes time to tackle the walls — something we look forward to!

While I was up taking pictures of the roof work going on, Mary was partying it up with the ladies for her sister's baby shower:

We've got a new niece on the way, due on St. Patrick's Day, so celebrating was in order. The new baby's name has already been decided on, so we'd picked out a personalized elephant shaped rattle from Bannor Toys on Etsy with Chelsea-Rose engraved into it, which Mary tells me got lots of awwwwws from all in attendance when Teller opened the package.

Mary also got to check out a new Yoga studio in town — The Yoga Library. This space just opened over the weekend and was hosting free classes. Mary took a restorative yoga class with a couple members from the Richmond Food Co-op to get some stretching in and check the space out. If you're in the area and want to check it out too, you can find the class schedule on their Facebook page and it looks likes you can get 25% off all class purchases throughout the month of February with the code GrandOpening15. As an added bonus, all Richmond Food Co-op members receive 10% off all classes.

How was your weekend? Did you get outside while the weather warmed up or take part in any special traditions for the Super Bowl? Did you have a favorite game day commercial? After watching them all, we're still partial to this one.

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  1. As delighted as I was that Russell and his team won in only his second year, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for your man, Manning. A somewhat anticlimactic Superbowl! I liked all the commercials with London in, of course.


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