February 5, 2014

Sunglass Warehouse $50 Giveaway

Today we're excited to bring you another giveaway from the fashionable folks behind Sunglass Warehouse. They're offering up a whopping $50 for one of our lucky readers to spend however they like on SunglassWarehouse.com! Find all the details and enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post — but first, we can't wait to share how our live Q&A Twitter chat with the team behind Sunglass Warehouse went last night.

To provide a little background, as part of this collaboration and in honor of Valentine's Day, Sunglass Warehouse asked us to show some love to shades we can't live without and participate in a live Q&A session all about our relationship on Twitter. For those unfamiliar, each of the questions and answers would need to fit within the 140 character Twitter limit — so we had to get a little creative to keep our responses short and sweet (sometimes breaking them up into several tweets)! For those that missed the chat or don't have Twitter, here are some of our favorite questions and answers from last night's chat (remember 140 characters on Twitter):

Q: You met in a restaurant and Tim writes a blog about food - how has food impacted your relationship?
A: The real question is — how *hasn’t* it?
A: Food is literally the tie that binds us. It’s the premise of how we met, dated and the root of many laughs. #foodmatters

Q: What made you start a blog together?
A: It all started when we began “fighting” over content, actually! We both wrote separate blogs prior...
A: Once we began projects together, we had a hard time deciding who'd get to write about what on which blog #saythat5timesfast
A: Tim came up with the name over a glass of wine out at a local restaurant one night and the rest was history! #PerfectPair

Q: What hobbies have you picked up from each other?
A: Mary — maybe cliche, but I’m a better cook. Does becoming a morning person count as a hobby? #morningsneverlookedsogood
A: Tim — Well, I'm up to speed on the happenings of cheesy reality TV like Snookie & JWoww #marysguiltypleasure

Q: Advice for staying in love?
A: Accepting (& loving) the other for their faults, never stop surprising one another & staying silly. #partnersincrimeforlife

Q: Worst date location/best date location?
A: Here’s where our age difference *and* similarities come into play...
A: For the best date locations, we both agree on live shows we each surprised the other with tickets to on separate occasions:
A: Tim Best — Ray Davies of The Kinks in NYC.
A: Mary Best — Jason Mraz in VA Beach.
A: Neither of us can recall a worst, but joke all the time about a Broadway Show being a nightmare of a date idea. #justnotus

...and for kicks, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the questions that didn't make it into the timeframe for last night's chat but we had fun taking a stab at:

Q: Was the "17 apart" an issue at the beginning? 
A: It’s more of an issue now — we tease about quirks, like how I need the volume 5 points higher than Mary #toomanyDeadshows

Q: His most annoying trait?
A: Tim will never divide a recipe, even if the dish calls for 16 servings & there are only 2 of us eating. #leftoversfordays

Q: His most redeeming trait?
A: I get to eat all the leftovers. #andilovethem

Q: Her most annoying trait?
A: She still doesn’t know her left from right, which can make for really interesting car rides #yourotherleft

Q: Her most redeeming trait?
A: Her compassion for others. #icouldbebetter

Q: Chocolate or roses? 
A: Mary — both?
A: Tim —  oysters!

So that's how it went — maybe you learned more than you care to know about our relationship, but hope you got a few laughs while at it!

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One of our readers will win $50 to spend on new shades from Sunglass Warehouse. To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below — it might take a few seconds to load. For those unfamiliar with Rafflecopter, you fill in the fields using your choice of Facebook or your email, which is only used to contact the randomly selected winner (no spam) — it's that simple.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Sunglass Warehouse generously provided us with the sunglasses to snap photos with along with the $50 towards new sunglasses for one lucky reader included in today's giveaway. All the thoughts, opinions and cheesy anecdotes are our own — thank you so much for supporting the partners that make 17 Apart possible.

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