February 4, 2014

Pairs for Pairs: Chat with us Tonight 8pm ET!

Oh, Hi There! Today we've got a fun post lined up to let you know we'll be taking part in a live Twitter chat (tonight!) with the folks behind Sunglass Warehouse. We'll be chatting about relationships and plans for Valentine's Day — the good, the bad and you guessed it, some of the ugly too.

We've partnered up with Sunglass Warehouse before to bring you DIY projects and giveaways, so we're back again to show off some new shades and talk all about — us! As part of this collaboration and in honor of Valentine's Day, Sunglass Warehouse asked us to show some love to shades we can't live without, so we each picked out a fancy pair of sunglasses to snap photos with, set the self timer on the camera for the first time ever and proceeded to laugh at ourselves all the way through this self imposed photo-shoot:

Did we take this photo-shoot seriously? You bet. Here we come, Vogue Magazine.

Tim went with this polarized aviator style pair and I opted for a more retro look with these oversized shades:

The funniest part of this project? In true photo-bombing fashion, Basil decided he needed to investigate what was so funny, right in the middle of the self timer going off:

So! How about that live chat? You can join in on the conversation — we'll be live tweeting with Sunglass Warehouse tonight in a live Q&A session all about those things that make our relationship tick (and maybe some of our pet peeves too) in honor of Valentine's Day. Tune in tonight at 8pm ET, following the hashtag #pairsforpairs and our respective twitter handles, @17Apart & @sunglasswarehse.

Sunglass Warehouse has also teamed up with four more of their favorite duo-bloggers for live Q&A sessions — find out more about each of them and which glasses they chose here. We'll be back tomorrow with a roundup of some of our favorite Q&A's from the chat tonight, along with a special giveaway from Sunglass Warehouse. Hope to see you online tonight!

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Sunglass Warehouse generously provided us with the sunglasses to snap today's photos with. All the thoughts, opinions and cheesy anecdotes are our own — thank you so much for supporting the partners that make 17 Apart possible.

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  1. You two are adorable! I've been checking in regularly for about two months now--it started as inspiration for improving my Blogger hosted blog and the lovely pictures keep me coming back.

    I also love the title and can relate; I love seeing another couple out there proving age is just another trait. :)


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